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Along with all the challenges of pregnancy – and raising a newborn baby – one of the most common hurdles for new parents to overcome is selecting and committing to a baby name for their precious bundle of joy.

Whether you’re looking to stand out from the crowd with a unique name, or you’re keen to go with the flow and choose a current favourite, knowing the most popular baby names is a fun way to gain a little insight before naming your bub.

Fortunately, BabyCentre have just unveiled their most popular baby names of 2023 so far – with some surprising new additions and changes to their ever-evolving list.

The latest baby name trends have been revealed!

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Most Popular Baby Names 2023

The list is based on data from the UK, with an Australian version of the top baby names set to be unveiled later this year.

The most popular boy names of 2023 so far have been revealed, with Muhammad maintaining its spot as the number one baby name.

Muhammad is followed by Noah, Theo, Leo, Oliver, Arthur, Jack, Freddie, George and Luca.

As for the girls, Lily has “taken the crown” and jumped up to the top spot – knocking Sophia down to the second most popular baby name.

Following Lily and Sophia, the most popular baby girl names are Olivia, Amelia, Freya, Aria, Ava, Isabella, Isla and Mila.

Lily has taken out the top spot on the girl’s list.

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Baby Name Trends 2023

Pop culture certainly plays a part in influencing how people name their children. Who could forget when Khaleesi made its way into top baby name lists around the world after Game of Thrones premiered in 2011?

This year, the news cycle and pop culture had an impact on how people named their babies.

Succession fans were in the mix, with the name Logan leaping up six places to number 48, while Roman was just ahead at number 47, and Kendall entered the BabyCentre’s data registry for the first time ever.

Interestingly, Harry and Meghan have moved down the baby name lists this year, with the Prince’s name dropping from the 13th spot to the 23rd.

“Meghan and alternate spelling Megan have also dropped in registrations,” the website reports.

Interestingly, William is sitting well below Harry at number 49 and the names Catherine and Kate are not on the girls list this year.

Meghan and Harry’s names have dropped down the list this year.

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For girls, floral-inspired names have proven popular with parents.

Lily topped the chart, while Jasmine was number 28 and Dahlia saw “budding signs of success” with the name doubling in registrations.

New parents have also been “branching out to tree-inspired names,” the data reveals, with Willow in 14th place and Hazel entering the Top 100 at 72.

Garden-inspired names including Dahlia and Willow have seen spikes in 2023.

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Stay tuned for more updates throughout the year, when the final list – and the Australian data – for the Top 100 baby names for boys and girls are revealed.

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