From royalty to reality TV stars: Why the A-list set are obsessed with this unique baby name

MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo is leading the pack!

By Bella Brennan
It continues to climb to the top of baby name lists each year, coming in at fourth place in 2020's round up of the most popular girl's names in Australia, so it's little wonder Isla continues to crop up among the A-list set's offspring.
Most recently in a touching nod to his Scottish heritage, popular MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo revealed he'd named his fourth child, a daughter with wife Lauren Field, Isla Generosa Zonfrillo.
"Haven't been able to wipe the smile off my face for the last four weeks - our precious little Isla Generosa Zonfrillo, my fourth kiddo, came into our world," the 44-year-old chef wrote this week, a month after his daughter's birth.
"I couldn't ask for more - a healthy baby, happy siblings, and a rockstar wife. The Zonfrillo Clan have never been happier."
Isla Zonfrillo joins a VIP crew of fellow celeb tots rocking the classic title and signals the popular new trend of parents picking old-fashioned and simple girls' names ending in a vow (think Ivy, Eva and Ava).
Isla is of Spanish, Scottish decent and is an abbreviated version of the world "Islay", meaning island.
The strong yet equally stunning-sounding, two-syllable moniker has always been a popular pick but had peaked over the past few years thanks to Australian actress Isla Fisher putting it on the map. Now everyone from royalty to reality TV stars are choosing to use it on their kids.
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