“Nobody ever says that to a mum, ever”: Survivor’s Moana Hope blasts sexism surrounding parenting

''They need to hear that they're great, and they don't get it enough.''
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Moana Hope has blasted the lack of recognition and admiration first-time mothers receive while raising young kids.

The Survivor star, who shares two children with her wife Isabella Carlstrom, took to Instagram to say there’s an obvious imbalance in the praise men receive while bringing up a family.

“I hate when somebody sees the other parents – regardless of if it’s a man or a woman – playing with the kid and they’re like, ‘oh my god, such a good dad’. Nobody ever says that to a mum, ever,” she said in a video.

Moana and her wife Isabella share two kids; Svea and Ahi.

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“When the mum is taking care of the baby 24/7. Nobody ever turns around and goes, ‘you’re such a good mum’. Mums need to hear that sometimes. They need to hear that they’re great, and they don’t get it enough.”

The 34-year-old sent a sweet message of encouragement to mothers struggling with raising young kids.

“So if you’re that mum that feeds their baby 24/7 and the mum that doesn’t get to shower or doesn’t really eat until 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the one that’s up all night, the one that’s nursing, the one that is sleep deprived; I see you,” she continued.

The AFLW star also blasted the immense pressure society puts on first-time mothers.

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“I feel like there’s so much pressure put on mums, right from the beginning of finding our you’re pregnant and all the way through [pregnancy],” she said.

Moana’s candour comes a month after she called on people to have more awareness around new mothers.

“There’s a question I keep getting from people and it’s my least favourite question ever and I want to explain why. If you’re that person who asks this question maybe this will give you some insight into what not to ask people who have just had a baby,” she said.

“When somebody says to me, ‘oh is he a good baby or a bad baby?’ and I’m always like, ‘what defines being bad?’ and they’re always like, ‘well does he sleep or doesn’t sleep?’

Moana called out society for only praising dads.

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“So basically you’re saying that if he doesn’t sleep, he’s bad and if he does sleep then he’s good.”

The 34-year-old went on to say that all babies have different sleep schedules and can cry for a number of reasons.

“We need to stop calling babies ‘good babies’ or ‘bad babies’ based on whether they sleep or don’t sleep, cry or don’t cry.”

Moana gave birth to her and Isabella’s son Ahi in June this year, 18 months after welcoming their first baby, a daughter named Svea.

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