EXCLUSIVE: Michelle Bridges shares a candid insight into her life with Steve Willis and their blended family

At home with the fitness queen!
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Between heading up a multi-million dollar fitness empire, parenting her three-year-old son Axel and maintaining a relationship in the public eye, Michelle Bridges has plenty on her plate.

And as she preaches the importance of self-care for parents, the 48-year-old is candidly sharing how she keeps the constantly spinning plates from falling when it comes to her family.

Speaking to Now To Love, Michelle reveals how she and her long-time partner Steve “The Commando” Willis take care of themselves and their relationship.

The Medibank Live Better ambassador believes it’s important for them as a couple to cut each other slack during often-stressful parenting moments.

“We pick up on each other’s vibes on what’s happening at any given moment so sometimes he’ll just go and do a workout or I’ll be like, ‘You know what, go do your thing,'” Michelle says.

“I think in any relationship you have to be able to read each other and give the other person that space that they might need and if you’re the one kind of giving them the space, you kind of know that eventually one way or another that it’ll come back to you. So it’s that swings and roundabouts scenario.”

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Too cute! Michelle, Axel and Steve.

(Image: @mishbridges/Instagram)

Michelle became a mother for the first time later in life, and a step-mum to Steve’s children (Brianna, 19, Ella, 11 and Jack seven) and says that because of this, she’s stepped back slightly from her relentless career schedule.

“I chose to have a little boy and gave birth to him at 45 so I’m critically aware of that – that I don’t want to jump straight back into the 24/7 work/career and then have him go to nannies or babysitters or family.

“But that’s just me. I’m not making any judgement on anyone else. It’s a purely personal decision, I chose to have a baby quite late in my life.

“I did that on purpose, so I have a little person now and I want to spend time with him, I want to be with him.”

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The Medibank Live Better ambassador says self-care is key to maintaining her relationship with Steve.

(Image: @mishbridges/Instagram)

Michelle says that she and Steve pick up Axel from pre-school each day, and it’s an activity they both cherish.

“How many kids have not one but both their parents pick them up from pre-school? Like it never happens – they have their nannies or their grandparents pick them up, let alone one parent, let alone two,” she says.

“But we both get a kick out of it and if we can do it, we want to – it means a great deal to us.”

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Doting dad Steve with three-year-old son Axel.

(Image: @mishbridges/Instagram)

Michelle loves bonding with her stepkids.

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Sharing a glimpse into her blended family’s home life, Michelle also confesses she treasures spending time with all the children as they bond in the kitchen.

“I wouldn’t say I’m a massive cook but I do enjoy putting meals together myself because it brings us together. I love the kids helping me with it,” Michelle shares.

“I love it when they cook the meal with me. They have a banana bread recipe that they all feel like it’s their recipe and they all have their own little twists on it where one of the kids cooks it on a Saturday morning. I wouldn’t say it’s a ritual but it’s certainly something we encourage.

“They take a lot of pride in that. They take ownership and then they can’t wait for us to taste it.”

Michelle and Steve went public with their relationship in 2013, after falling in love on weight loss reality show The Biggest Loser, where they both worked as trainers.

At the time, Michelle broke up with her husband of nine years, Bill Moore, within weeks of The Commando separating from his de-facto wife of seven years, Froso.

Steve with his children Jack and Ella.

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