“No sneaky chocolates?!” Michelle Bridges stuns fans with a look inside her uber-healthy fridge

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By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Michelle Bridges has shared a no-holds-barred look inside her fridge and her followers have a lot of feelings about the snap.
Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, the fitness guru and mother-of-one proved there's no exception when it comes to a healthy diet.
She captioned the shot: "'s not always the tidiest but it's everything we need and healthy for us! 👊🏼 this is a 100% uninterrupted unstylised photo of my fridge, I have not done anything to make it look uber Chic (clearly! 😂) It's real. It's us! ☺️#100%real"

Michelle's followers were quick to comment on the behind-the-scenes glimpse, with many asking where she hides the -- ahem -- treats.
"Enlarges photo looking for hidden chocolate 🍫🍫🍫," one joked, while another wrote: "Can I ask… Do you have any foods for treat days? Guilty pleasures? Wine? Cheese? Chocolate etc…"
A third commented: "Hey Mich!! Where are the chocolate snacks for the off days?"
Others were simply impressed with the healthy offering, which included lots of fat-burning fruits and vegetables.
The 47-year-old also provided a few fridge tips at the request of commenters, revealing that she refrigerates nuts and prefers to keep veggies out of the crisper draw and in clear view of hungry eyes.
WATCH: Michelle squeezes in a workout with her son by her side. Post continues...
Michelle's strict diet and fitness regimen also applies to the health of her two-year-old son, Axel. In fact, she famously "wrestled" a cookie from the little one's hands at his first birthday party.
In an interview with with Channel Seven's The Daily Edition, the fitness fanatic explained exactly what went down.
"We had a little barbecue and we did have a carrot cake, which you could say was borderline healthy," she said.
"I did have to wrestle Axel to the ground when he was given a cookie that my babysitter made that had little lollies on it."
"She was like, 'Can I?' and I literally had to wrestle him to the ground to get half of it off him."

Michelle, who fell pregnant at age 44, has previously spoken out about the realities of motherhood.
"Being a mum – it's such a fun ride," she exclusively told The Weekly at the Women Of The Future Awards luncheon. "But it's challenging, as any mum would say."
"Axel is just under two now so his personality is really starting to come out."
However, there's no 'I' in the word 'team', which is why she and partner, Steve 'Commando' Willis, place the utmost importance on parenting their young son equally.
"Me and Steve always have each other's backs. When I was young I used to look for the weak parent but we always support each other and have a united front."

Despite teamwork making this family dream work, Michelle recognises the difficulty of balancing parenthood with life in the public eye. That's why she's strategic in getting everything done while maintaining her own commitment to fitness.
"My advice to busy mums is to fit it in anywhere, any place, anytime," she said. "I wear workout gear all the time so I can lunge while I do my laundry!"
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