Megan Gale takes on the less glamorous side of parenting in a gnarly and unexpectedly relatable moment

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At the height of her modelling career, Megan Gale was whisked around the world and photographed by the biggest names.

She was Italy and Australia’s bombshell stunner who captivated both countries with her dark hair and ice-blue eyes.

These days, the beauty is in the thick of a less glamorous but often most rewarding life stage, which is being the parent to two young children.

The unexpectedly relatable parenting moment.

(Credit: Instagram)

But let’s just say she may have had to sit down and remind herself about the rewarding part after she finished scooping her daughter Rosie’s poo out of the toilet.

Yes, you read that right!

Megan wore a luxurious mask and glove combo with a bucket and sample cup in hand as she carried out the task of collecting her daughter’s stool samples.

Of course, there was a responsible and legitimate reason behind this unexpectedly relatable moment.

Poor Rosie has caught a tummy bug called gastro, and because the family lives in Melbourne, which is currently in lockdown, Megan had to take extra precaution.

She posted a picture of herself from a bird’s eye view, all decked out in her sanitary garb and with her stool collecting kit.

Megan with her daughter Rosie.

(Credit: Instagram)

She captioned the moment, “We’ve had one visitor at our house during lockdown.

“A very unwelcome one by the name of “GASRO.” He hit one of us (Rosie) but the rest of us are fine thank god!

“A measure of a mother’s love… on the dunny floor collecting stool samples for pathology.

“Oh the glamour of parenthood eh?!?!”

A few days earlier, Megan posted a throwback picture in honour of Australian Fashion week, which now stands as an ode to the simplicity of life before children.

In the stunning picture, Megan was walking for Alex Perry in 2000, and she is wearing a blue halter neck floral dress (which is very on point for the era).

In the caption, she shared a revealing post about her modelling past and her initial struggle in Australia and the victorious success she found in Italy.

“Forever popping up in my feed during Fashion Week. A great memory. Can’t believe this was 21 years ago 😱.

“Walking for @alexperryofficial for Australian Fashion Week May 2000. Not so fun fact – I spent several years going to Fashion Week castings in Sydney from the age of 19 only to be rejected time and time again.

“Then one year (maybe due to Italy taking a wee shine to me and having the opportunity to walk in Milan Fashion Week🙊) did I start to actually make some headway and get bookings. The moral of the story? Back yourself in and don’t give up 👊🏼,” wrote Megan.

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