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Megan Gale breaks her silence following her brother's tragic death, with an emotional tribute

The Aussie model has had a tumultuous few months.

By Jess Pullar
Megan Gale has broken her silence following the heartbreaking sudden death of brother.
The Aussie mum and model took to her Instagram on Monday evening to share an update with fans, after going through what could only be described as the toughest few months of her life.
In July, Megan's brother Jason Gale, aged 49, was reported missing. A few days later his body was found in bushland south-east of Perth.
Several months on from the tragic event, Megan shared a candid Instagram TV post, along with the caption: "Well it's been a while. I hope everyone has been keeping well."
"I thought I'd jump on and have a bit of a chat. It's been probably the hardest couple of months of my life and I honestly have had no desire to post anything. Even this felt foreign to me. What I've been through in recent times certainly wasn't the most positive of experiences to document and I most certainly couldn't fathom the thought of turning my circumstances into content. That just seemed so very wrong."
She added: "To everyone who has messaged me in regards to my brother and asked if I'm ok, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am fine. Not amazing but doing ok. And so thankful for so much."

Addressing the awful events that had transpired, Megan spoke of how she had been forced to self isolate so she could attend her brother's funeral in Perth, as she had flown in from Melbourne.
While that would have been difficult in any circumstance, Megan explained in her video how it had actually helped put a new perspective on things.
"It gave me a lot of time to reflect upon my life, reassess things, think about what I prioritise now, what I don't, which a very dear loved one passing away will often do that," she said.
Megan has gained a new perspective in a unique way in the wake of the harrowing experience. (Instagram)
She added that it gave her a newfound appreciation for the little things in life, with a sweet anecdote - watching re-runs of her husband Shaun Hampson on Survivor.
Megan and Shaun share two children, River, aged six, and Rosie, aged two.
The model also delivered some sound advice for anyone going into quarantine following the death of a loved one.
"Try and focus on a super strong mindset before you go in. The only way I could get through it was to not think about what had happened to my brother,' she said.