EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight star Davina Rankin is pregnant

TV's most scandalous bride reveals her most exciting news yet.
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Before Ines, Martha and Jess made their indelible mark on Married at First Sight, there was another TV villain Australia will never forget.

Davina Rankin, 28, blew the reality juggernaut out of the water when she shacked up with Dean Wells behind her TV-husband, Ryan’s, back.

But now, after finding a new kind of love with café owner Jaxon Manuel, the part-time model has more than moved on – revealing to Woman’s Day she’s expecting her first baby!

“I haven’t felt too beautiful lately, it’s been a very long three months,” says Davina, explaining she’s suffering with intense morning sickness which has caused her weight to plummet by six kilos since falling pregnant.

Davina and Jaxon are expecting their first child together. (Image: Exclusive/Philip Castleton/

The controversial reality star found love with Jaxon following her stint on MAFS in 2018. (Image: Exclusive/Philip Castleton/

“I’m throwing up all day,” she sighs.

The brunette beauty says she and Jaxon have known each other “for ever and ever” and the proud mum-to-be is certain he’ll be the perfect father to their bub.

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Davina thinks Jaxon will be a great dad. (Image: Exclusive/Philip Castleton/

Not to be! Davina was matched with Ryan Gallagher (pictured) on Married At First Sight. (Image: Channel Nine)

“I think I’m going to have to be the strict one, he’ll just melt,” Davina jokes about parenthood.

“He’s got two gorgeous nephews who he spends a lot of time with, he’s a really loving and caring person.”

“I think I’m going to have to be the strict one, he’ll just melt,” she explains of their different parenting styles. (Image: Exclusive/Philip Castleton/

While she’s not engaged just yet, Davina says she and Jaxon talk about getting married and are looking to buy a home. (Image: Exclusive/Philip Castleton/

While the former reality star became a household name thanks to MAFS, it appears instant matrimony is now a thing of the past for the We Love Brunch founder.

“We’re not engaged yet. I beat him to the commitment thing – whoops looks like he’s stuck with me,” Davina quips.

“We definitely talk about it all the time, but our next step will be to buy a house; we’re in the market now looking for a home… just knuckling down to look for a family.”

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