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Married At First Sight’s Davina Rankin reveals her real thoughts on the show

Doubt she'll be back next year...
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She became one of the country’s biggest reality stars this year after her stint on Married At First Sight but Davina Rankin has well and truly put the show behind her.

The 27 year-old model took to Instagram for a Q&A session with her followers and when asked if she would ever consider returning to the Channel Nine dating show, she responded with a resounding, “hell f—ing no.”

No more MAFS for Davina. (Image: Instagram @davvyxx)

While she caused plenty of drama on the show, Davina confessed the reality of reality TV was a tough learning curve.

“I can’t even watch reality TV the same anymore after I know what happens behind the scenes compared to what the public see’s (sic),” she posted on social media.

When one fan asked if watching the show back post-editing was horrible, Davina responded, “Oh it was the worst, but I mean, it makes it even sweeter when you can still hold your head high even after having the lowest of lows.”

“And at the end of the day, you’ll always come out on top! Life couldn’t be better for me now.”

The Queensland model, who also appeared on Channel Seven reality show First Dates is now dating 31 year-old Jaxon Manuel and it’s safe to say these two are smitten.

When one fan asked her what she loved about her boyfriend of eight months, she replied, “He’s literally the male version of me, our personalities are so similar!”

Davina shared a cute tribute to her boyfriend Jaxon via her Instagram Q&A. (Image: Instagram @davvyxx)

Davina, who was partnered with Ryan Gallagher on the show this year, rose to notoriety when she cheated on her on-screen husband with fellow contestant Dean Wells.

Following the scandal, Davina received a lot of hate and even took herself off social media when it was at its worst.

“I have put myself out there for Australia to judge me,” she told A Current Affair back in February 2018.

“It’s great I guess but it also comes with a lot of criticisms as well. If anyone can deal with it, it’s gonna be me.”

WATCH: Tracey Jewel confronts Davina Rankin on Married At First Sight. Post continues after video…

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So will we be seeing Davina 2.0 in the next season?

Following the release of the first trailer by Channel Nine, we now know some of the contestants that will be hitting our screens in 2019. Among them are professional cricketer Cameron Merchant, Home and Away extra Sam Ball and First Dates star Dino Hira.

And while it hasn’t been confirmed, an insider told NW that Davina’s ex-‘husband’ Ryan could be back for a second shot at love!

“It’s the biggest secret of next season,” they revealed.

“Fans were obsessed with him, so Channel Nine were desperate to bring him back.”

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