EXCLUSIVE: Are Karl and Jasmine Stefanovic planning another baby?

Jasmine is all about family, and so is Karl!
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It’s been 20 months since the birth of their precious daughter Harper May, and it seems Karl and Jasmine Stefanovic are wasting no time with number two, hinting to close friends they could very soon be gifting their firstborn with a little brother or sister in the new year!

According to one well-placed source, the loved-up couple are more clucky than ever and can’t wait for Harper to have a new little play buddy.

They’re still in the honeymoon stage! Jasmine is obsessed – it’s all she talks about.

“Karl too, but not quite as much as Jas, because at the end of the day, Karl knows he’s not getting any younger,” says the source.

Karl and Jasmine Stefanovic both dote on their daughter Harper May.


Tying the knot in 2018, Karl, 47, knew he had to get a move on if he was to deliver on his promise to Jasmine, now 37, that she fulfil her lifelong dream of having at least two children of her own.

With Karl sharing three older kids from his 21-year marriage to Cassandra Thorburn – River, 15, Willow, 16, and Jackson, 22 – Jasmine has convinced Karl she does not want Harper to be an only child.

“Karl is committed to Jas and would do anything to keep her happy,” reveals our source.

“Jasmine is all about family – she is one of three and is incredibly close to her siblings. Karl is also extremely close to his brothers Peter and Tom, and sister Elisa.”

But the final straw was a recent play date Jasmine organised for Harper and the children of her brother-in-law Peter Stefanovic and his wife Sylvia Jeffreys, who have two boys – Oscar, one, and eight-month-old Henry.

“That’s the ‘ah-ha’ moment for Jasmine, when she knew it’s now or never to have their second baby – she is adamant the age gap is only a couple of years.

“She saw the boys bonding as brothers, and Harper having a ball with her cousins.”

Whether Karl and Jasmine have a boy or girl remains to be seen – though Jasmine may have had a change of heart when it comes to the sex of the newest addition to their brood.

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“She wanted a boy, but realised Karl is so much better with daughters – he’s very close to his eldest, Willow. Probably because both girls have their daddy wrapped around their little fingers!

“Jasmine has kept all the very expensive baby stuff she had for Harper – she’s safely tucked it away knowing she’s going to have everything she needs when the next bundle of joy lands.

“The only downside for poor old Karl is there’ll be no more long lunches, with his partying days all but over – he’ll be too busy changing nappies for at least the next two years!”

Meanwhile, Karl’s daughter Willow Stefanovic is set to rock the fashion world as she launches her career as a model.

Karl’s daughter Willow Stefanovic is launching her career as a model.


The stunning 16-year-old has signed with exclusive Melbourne-based agency Precision MGMT, and has the full support of both her dad and mum Cassandra.

“Willow knows who she is and what she wants, and those attributes make me extremely proud,” 50-year-old Cass gushed in a statement to the media.

Karl praised his daughter as a “strong, independent woman”, and says the family “fully support Willow in wherever her heart takes her”.

In a recent interview, Willow praised her mum for helping her achieve her dreams, while she felt her dad’s backing “100 per cent”.

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