Jesinta Franklin’s family day out with her husband Buddy and their children was only a mildly stressful success

''We treasure time together so much!''
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Days out for a young family are a time to make new memories and for parents to enjoy their young children run around with fascinated looks as they enjoy the activities.

However, because of their never-ending energy (and lack of social awareness), these outings can be a little tricky for fatigued parents.

The Franklin family braved the mammoth task of taking care of a newborn and a toddler to enjoy a precious family moment at the maritime museum.

How the day started, peacefully.

(Credit: Instagram)

Jesinta Franklin, who is married to footballer Lance “Buddy” Franklin, has two children together: Rocky, born earlier this year and a toddler called Tullulah.

The model took to her Instagram to document the family fun, and at first, everything seemed as merry as life can be when she posted a picture of Tullulah sitting on her pram.

“Family Day,” wrote Jesinta. “We treasure this time together so much!”

Chaos begins to reveal itself.

(Credit: Instagram)

However, things took a somewhat sarcastic turn when the next picture she posted featured Tullulah trying to climb her dad, with Rocky strapped to his chest.

“We had a very relaxing time at the maritime museum,” joked the model, as she added a telling big-nosed emoji posted at the end of the message.

Someone decides it is time to zoom.

(Credit: Instagram)

Tullulah was moving too quickly for her mumma to capture a perfect photo in her next post, so the effects were a little blurry as she continued running around.

Jesinta felt the need to earnestly and lightheartedly apologise to the other museum patrons for her toddler’s big energy moments.

“Apologies to everyone that went to the museum for a peaceful time today,” said Jesinta.

How could anything go wrong?

(Credit: Instagram)

The mum really flexed her sense of humour when she posted a picture of a “do not touch” sign with a cheeky message.

“What nightmares are made of…” quipped the model.

Then for good measure, she shared a snap of a museum piece that featured a big-nosed, calm looking money with the caption, “Me trying my best to stay zen.”

In her last post from the day out, she shared a video of her husband and Tullulah trying to leave the museum.

To sign off for the day the model quoted her husband saying, “We’ve gotta get out of here.”

‘Tis time to leave.

(Credit: Instagram)

She also noted that they didn’t quite get to finish the whole exhibition.

“Ps we skipped the war and peace exhibition, don’t worry.”

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