Hypnotherapy in pregnancy: “We used a pendulum to communicate with our unborn child”

Some couples believe they can communicate with their unborn baby through the power of hypnotherapy - but does it actually work?
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Have you ever thought about being hypnotised? What if I told you there are ways to communicate with your unborn baby via hypnosis.

According to emotional intelligence expert Daniel Tolson, by using hypnosis and a pendulum, we can communicate to our babies in utero.

He and his wife Nini used a pendulum as a bio feedback device, so that they could ask direct questions to the baby and get an immediate yes or no response.

WATCH: The Tolson’s use a pendulum to communicate with their unborn child. Continues after video …

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“First we would ask permission to see if the baby felt like communicating,” Tolson tells Now to Love.

“Then we’d use the pendulum to get ‘yes’ or ‘no’ feedback, and doing that we could ask questions to see which food made our baby the happiest, how the baby felt, did they know mum and dads voice, were they comfortable and when they wanted to be born.”

Sound a bit woo woo? Tolson claims that it really works.

“We could ask our baby if it enjoyed when mum ate beef, and if the answer was yes we would know to keep doing that, or if the answer was no, Nini could change her diet,” explains Tolson.

“We’d ask if they were comfortable, and if not Nini would change her position, and the answer would change.”

“Incredibly, our baby was able to tell us that they would be born two weeks early … and they were!”

It’s not the only type of hypnotherapy that came into play during Nini’s pregnancies. By using neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) – consciously training your thoughts through the messaging you send your brain – Tolson claims Nini was able to change her mindset from stressed about the upcoming childbirth, to having positive, calm feelings about it.

“Thoughts predict 95 percent of our feelings,” says Tolson. “If we can take control of our own thoughts,we can change the way we feel.

“Nini was able to manage her emotions more effectively during pregnancy using NLP, and when pregnant women can do that it leads to a happier experience for their babies.”

Daniel Tolson and wife, Nini claim that by using hypnosis and a pendulum, we can communicate to our babies in utero. Image: Supplied.

Tolson says he was also very aware of the language he used when around Nini while she as pregnant.

“I was very aware of the language I used, so that the baby only took on positive programming, and didn’t hear anything negative that would impact them in their life.”

Tolson says that both of his children are exceptionally emotional intelligent, confident and great communicators. He attributes this to Nini being free from negative emotions during pregnancy and the constant communications in utero using the pendulum.

Hypnosis to help with birth is gaining in popularity. Image: Getty.

Hypnobirthing is gaining popularity too. It’s a way of emphasising natural childbirth by teaching self-hypnosis techniques to combat fear and pain during labour.

It is now common at the Lindo wing at St. Mary’s hospital where Duchess Catherine had her babies. While it’s unconfirmed if the Royal used the technique herself, it is now routinely used at the hospital where she delivered all three of her children.

There have also been studies that show women who use the hypnobirthing technique tend to have much shorter labours and less medical intervention during birth. They are also less likely to suffer from post-natal depression, will find breastfeeding and bonding an easier process and it can even reduce the risk of having a premature baby.

“Change the way that you think, change the way that you feel,” says Tolson.

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