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Here's what giving birth in the 5-star Lindo Wing is really like: woman gives birth in same wing as Kate Middleton

The UK woman gave birth like a queen - well, a duchess anyway.

By Holly Royce
Ana Klemencic Cabuk spent a total of six nights in the luxurious St Mary's maternity ward, the Lindo Wing.
The Lindo Wing boasts some of the world's best doctors and nurses and has a constant stream of rich and famous births to its name including the birth of George and Amal Clooney's twin daughters who were born there last year. The hospital ward has hit the headlines again on April 23rd, 2018 after Duchess Catherine just gave birth to her third child in the exclusive maternity wing.
Ana Spoke to The Sun and revealed her six-night stay cost her a whopping £10,000 ($18,334.20), but it was so worth it, she and her husband plan on going back for the birth of their second child later this year.
"On delivery day I had a huge breakfast"
"Everything was nice and clean, and the bathroom had a good selection of toiletries and cosmetics – shampoos, conditioners, body lotions," she told The Sun, comparing her room to that of a 5-star hotel.
"On delivery day I had a huge breakfast. They offered a full English, pastries, freshly squeezed orange juices. It was just like a five-star hotel.
"They also had an afternoon tea, which was like a restaurant. You got sandwiches, cakes, cookies and different teas like English Breakfast, chamomile and peppermint. It was also possible to have Champagne but I don't drink much and was breastfeeding so I didn't have any."
Anna also shared that her "big room" had satellite TV and there was wifi, a big bed and a huge bathroom.

And most importantly, Anna said the service was "amazing" and doesn't remember being in pain though her labour.
"I was almost 12 hours in labour, and I really don't remember being in pain," She explained.
"They would top up the epidural all the time, unlike in other hospitals where you have to wait for hours." "Even when I didn't need something, they would very often come and check that everything was OK. I really felt quite special there." Speaking to HELLO! London mum Katherine Filkins, who welcomed her daughter seven months ago, says she received the full royal treatment when she was a patient in the Lindo Wing.
Katherine Filkins and her family.
"Within the Lindo Wing, I think pretty much anything goes in terms of your ante-natal care and afterwards, for example if you wanted a massage, you could have someone come in. If you wanted the baby to go to the nursery, they have a fantastic nursery," Katherine told HELLO!.
"They were very keen and very happy for babies to go the nursery, which is something you don't have on the NHS, so if you want a bit of a break they take the baby away from you for a little while."
Adding, "We're very chuffed that we were able to have the opportunity to give birth where the royals had had their babies as well!"