Rudy turns five! Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake ring in their daughter’s birthday in style

Nothing beats a Woolies cake.
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Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake are celebrating their daughter Rudy’s fifth birthday this week.

The proud parents kicked off her special day by posting sweet tributes dedicated to their little girl on their Instagram Stories.

Hamish posted a video of him walking hand-in-hand with Rudy, and he wrote, “Happy 5th Birthday to the best non-wife girl I ever met. I’m the luckiest dad in the world to have you on the end of my arm telling stories Ru.”

Ham’s message for his daughter was sweet as can be.

(Image: Instagram)

Meanwhile Zoë gave fans a peek into their intimate family celebrations over the weekend.

She posted a picture of Rudy tucking into mini pancakes, captioning the shot, “Birthday Breakfast of champions” and then showed off their party decorations, which featured a rainbow five and a mermaid tail.

“How is she already five,” gushed the proud mum.

Zoë posted a snap of Rudy holding her birthday gifts, and she gushed about her by writing, “Happy #5 to the coolest, most delightful, self-assured, and unknowingly wittiest firecracker I’ve ever known. Loved or birthed.”

However, her next post was slightly controversial since the Blakes are known for their daring cake creations – this time, they’d purchased a store-bought cake – which looked a treat!

Rudy looked happy with her gifts.

(Image: Instagram)

But before fans could voice their concerns about Rudy not getting one of her dad’s famous homemade creations, Zoë assured, “The cake before. You know, the cake.”

Hamish gave a more detailed explanation for his fans on Instagram.

He shared a big thumbs up and wrote, “PS. For those asking: Cake making is next weekend as that’s when party is and thank god for that as I’m ferociously jet lagged although that WOULD add an exciting element – “when will this guy face plant into cake?”…”

The family have just returned home from a luxurious trip to Greece and Italy.

Don’t worry! The cake is coming.

(Image: Instagram)

Hamish and Zoë welcomed their daughter in 2017, breaking the news on Instagram with their signature wit.

“Introducing Rudy Hazel Blake,” Zoë wrote. “Or, as she’s known in hip-hop circles, the Notorious RHB. Or, as she’s known to her brother, Blobby The Sister. She was born on 17-7-17 cos she’s super into auspicious numerology, came in at 4000/10 on the Teeny Cute Person scale, and has morphed her parents into gooey love monsters.”

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Hamish’s announcement went like: “Admitting another patron into the nightclub my wife and I run (I’m security, she’s the DJ). We have a fairly strict door policy as you have to be a child of the DJ and/or bouncer, so it’s always great to get someone new through the door.”

“The photo copy I took of her license says her name is Rudy Hazel Blake and I’m just about to tell her it’s a $12 cover charge. Nah, just messing with you Rudy, babies drink for free and you’re cute as hell. Free entry.”

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