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Hamish Blake is put to work during Zoë Foster Blake’s belated 40th birthday trip in Italy

Husbands of Instagram!
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After winning his TV WEEK Gold Logie Hamish Blake has landed a new gig as his wife Zoë Foster Blake’s Instagram husband.

The beauty mogul celebrated her 40th birthday in July 2020 and because of the pandemic she couldn’t celebrate in the way she had anticipated. In fact, she spent her 41st birthday at home as well due to lockdown laws.

Now Zoë has made up for the lost time by going on a girls’ trip to Italy and spoiled fans by posting snaps on Instagram of herself and her friends frolicking on the Amalfi Coast.

“I can’t believe we’re here together.”

(Image: Instagram)

In her caption, Zoë revealed she booked the trip when she was “a sweet, COVID-ignorant baby in 2019.”

“I obnoxiously booked my 40th in Greece, and begged my best friends to come,” the now 41-year-old explained.

“Happily, amazingly, gratefully, we are finally on That Trip. It’s a slight remix, (new country, two years older, new appreciation for everything) and as I dreamed and anxiously planned and fully anticipated: this is a total Once In a Lifer, and I can’t believe we’re here together. This is school camp, 10x’d. I LOVE THESE WOMEN. ❤️”

The beauty boss turned 40 in 2020.

(Image: Instagram)

Then Hamish posted a picture on his Instagram account featuring a Canon camera and two phones in his hands while he posed for a selfie with his wife and her friends smiling in the background as they prepared for more photos.

He revealed that he was “lucky enough” to be invited to his “wife’s belated 40th Girls Trip to Italy.”

But he didn’t want his fans to worry!

“Don’t worry I know exactly where I stand (off camera, 3 metres away with the sun behind me, taking at least 5 options per photo, per phone). #❤️ #🇮🇹 #doingmybest #justhappytobeinvited,” he joked.

“Don’t worry I know exactly where I stand (off camera, 3 metres away with the sun behind me, taking at least 5 options per photo, per phone).”

(Image: Instagram)

After Hamish won his Gold Logie, his wife shared the sweetest tribute to celebrate his milestone.

“I have such admiration for Hame. Awards and high-rating TV juggernaut aside, he is such a bighearted, giving, generous and decent human and aren’t we lucky to have him entertain us? Yes. Yes we are.

“Long may his unique brand of gentle, witty nonsense amuse and delight. ❤️” she penned on Instagram.

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