Fiona Falkiner and Hayley Willis are expecting another baby – and they just let the gender slip

''Hunter can’t wait to meet his baby brother!''
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Fiona Falkiner is about to become a mum for a second time, announcing the delightful news that her fiancee Hayley Willis is pregnant.

The couple shared their baby joy on Instagram on Monday, announcing that baby Falkiner number two is on the way and will be arriving in August this year.

Posting a series of photos of herself and son Hunter gazing lovingly at Hayley’s belly, Fiona penned: “No words guys! Baby Falkiner Due in August. We are over the moon!

“My beautiful wife to be @hayley__willis has been so incredible, having had covid, moved house, all the things in the first trimester but she is just amazing and took it all in her stride!”

The excited mum-to-be also let another very exciting detail slip; they’re having another little boy!

“Hunter can’t wait to meet his baby brother!!!! Life does not get much better than this! I am feeling very blessed with a very full heart,” Fiona said.

The model proposed to Hayley back in 2019 and haven’t managed to tie the knot yet, in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the birth of their son Hunter in 2021.

Though we’re sure the duo are eager to finally say “I do”, they may put wedding plans on hold again until their newest addition arrives.

WATCH: Fiona Falkiner films her mum dancing with her fiancee Hayley Willis. Story continues after video.

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Meanwhile, Hayley is excited to experience pregnancy for the first time, writing on Instagram: “Grateful, blessed, over the moon… it’s hard to put into words how much I adore my little family as we prepare to welcome another addition.

“Baby Falkiner due August. Two boys under two, how hard can it be?!”

Fiona carried Hunter and was open about the struggles she and Hayley faced with their “traumatic” IVF battle as they fought to become parents.

“Obviously you have your partner but it can actually feel like a really lonely process,” Fiona told The Daily Telegraph in 2020.

“It is you and your body against all odds. Women don’t really talk about it until after the fact. It can be really quite traumatic.”

Their little family is about to get bigger.

(Image: Instagram)

The couple decided to have Fiona carry their first child as she’s older, but always said they wanted to “have the babies quite close to each other”.

After giving birth to Hunter in 2020, Fiona went through a dramatic transformation, shedding kilos as she found a new kind of balance with a baby at home.

“These days I am now feeling a lot more in control of my life. Don’t get me wrong I’m still crazy busy (juggling Mum life and work is a tough gig!) but I try work to a schedule and make time to meal prep, and move my body at every opportunity,” she said last year.

While baby Falkiner number two won’t be arriving until later in the year, we can’t wait to see the proud mums become parents again.

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