How to take the stress out of your child’s healthcare

Seeing a doctor is now a simple tap or click away!

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If you’re a parent, you’ve no doubt had some stressful medical experiences in your time. Calls from daycare when your child had a temperature, middle of the night trips to the emergency room or just inconvenient wait times when all you needed was a prescription or referral.

Thankfully, the introduction of digital healthcare can now make your life a little easier. With online medical consultation services like Instant Consult, you can now access healthcare for your child using your phone or computer.

Here’s how to navigate these services effectively to ensure your child receives the care they need – while also eliminating unwanted stress or hassle for you.

What are online prescription services?

Online prescription services have transformed the way parents access healthcare. They allow you to consult with a fully qualified doctor via video call. In these online consultations, you can discuss your child’s health concerns and needs, seek medical advice and receive prescriptions without having to leave your home.

They’re especially great for busy parents, allowing you to look after your child’s wellbeing in a convenient and timely manner. Of course, not all medical issues can be addressed via online consult, and in emergency cases, you should head straight to your nearest hospital.

How does it work?

At Instant Consult, online doctors are available from 6am until midnight (AEST) every day, including public holidays. This is incredibly helpful for parents who can’t manage face-to-face appointments or need prescriptions outside of clinic hours. For infants aged 12 months or younger with a valid Medicare card, bulk billing options are available.

To book an online appointment, you’ll first need to download the Instant Consult app and create an account. You can then request a consult, and after a short wait – usually within 15 minutes – you’ll be connected with a doctor. This quick turnaround is perfect for busy parents juggling multiple responsibilities, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all the doctors are registered in Australia and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)-accredited.

During the doctor consultation, you’ll have time to discuss your child’s health concerns and medical history. Be ready to talk about symptoms, any ongoing treatments or current medications and your child’s general health.

Online consultations are a life-saver for time-poor parents.

How can I receive a prescription?

After your consultation, the doctor may issue a prescription for refill or a new medication if necessary. You can then use this prescription at an online medication delivery service or your local pharmacy.

You can also obtain online medical certificates and even carer certificates through this service. Just like online prescriptions, these certificates will be sent directly to your account inbox and will stay there until you choose to remove them. This feature makes it easy to store and access important health documents in one accessible place.

An e-prescription allows you to quickly and conveniently access medication for your child.

How can I keep my family’s health records safe?

It’s now more important than ever to ensure our online information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, and with Instant Consult, all communications take place on a fully encrypted server. Consults are conducted on a one-on-one basis, too, so you can feel confident knowing your child’s personal and medical information remains confidential.

Brought to you by Instant Consult. With Instant Consult, you can access high-quality, professional healthcare with just a click, available anytime, anywhere. Download the Instant Consult app today to experience easy access to healthcare for your family.

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