From Miss Universe Australia to her ~other~ universe: Erin McNaught and her two sons are the image of family wholesomeness

The Aussie model is married to British musician Example.
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When Erin McNaught won Miss Australia in 2006, so began a whirlwind career in the spotlight.

Now, more than a decade on from her very first claim to fame, Erin has built a life far from her glamorous days of photoshoots and catwalks, swapping them for parks and prams, and two rather adorable little additions.

Yep, Erin has come a long way since her beauty pageant days.

After marrying famed British musician Example, the pair have since welcomed two sons, Evander, aged five, and Ennio, aged three.

The family are a breath of fresh air when it comes to internationally crossed celebrity couples.

After relocating back to Australia in 2019, the Aussie model is clearly thriving on home ground.

In fact, she’s even gone so far as to put her physical abilities to the ultimate test in brand new Aussie series SAS Australia, a revamp of the iconic Who Dares Wins.

In shorts for the episodes, the model will join a number of other well-known Aussie faces to compete in a series of tasks that require intense physical and mental skill, much like the real-life training grounds for SAS members.

So, as we watch Erin try her hand at this new and unconventional gig, we decided to take a look at her very conventional family.

Keep scrolling for many, many a cute kid pic.



Erin always keeps things real, sharing this cute image to her Instagram with a relateable explanation: “Elliot [her husband, known as Example] calls this my ‘I’m-a-grown-up-dress’. I call it my ‘throw-it-over-anything-and-be-able-to-leave-the-house-in-3minutes-dress’, Now off to the pool for the 1800th time these holidays.”



“Parenting. A bit of a blur sometimes,” she added in this cute snap with her elder son Evander.



The mum and her little five-year-old are two peas in a pod.



Sorry, but there’s no way we’d be able to say no to Ennio’s little face.



Kid selfies – miles better than couple selfies.



Ennio isn’t afraid of some outdoor exercise, just like his fit mum.



Brb, just going to be over here revelling in the cuteness overload.



Wrapped up warm with plenty of places to go – Erin has two sidekicks to look out for her everywhere she goes.



Looks like Ennio is well on the way to being a water baby.



Erin and husband Example share some quality time with Evander.



Seriously, can Ennio be any cuter?



The now three-year-old grew up way too quickly.



“How cute is my date! Didn’t say much though,” Erin quipped of this adorable mum n’ son pic.



Ennio rounded out a perfect foursome in the McNaught – Gleave clan.



Cuddles with mum never go amiss.

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