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Erin McNaught welcomes her second child after a “quick, natural and drug-free” labour


By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Erin McNaught and husband Example, real name Elliot Gleave, have welcomed their second child together -- a boy!
The 35-year-old model took to social media to announce the happy news, revealing the new arrival’s all-important moniker as Ennio Stanley Gleave.
“He arrived this morning (39w) after a relatively quick natural and drug-free birth 🙌🏽 3.3kg,” she captioned the sweet mother-son snap. “Both of us happy and healthy ☺️ Just as overwhelming second time round 😍😍😍”

While the majority of commenters were quick to congratulate the “strong,” “beautiful” and “glowing” television personality on the safe arrival of little Ennio, a handful of users seemed to take issue with Erin’s choice to reveal the birth as “quick, natural and drug-free.”
“You are setting a bad example for those that are less fortunate to have such a birth,” one user wrote.
And another penned: “Natural birth or drug birth doesn't matter though and shouldn't be broadcasted as some women don't care about the 'natural birth badge' nor are fortunate enough to have an easy going uncomplicated birth.”

Meanwhile, Example paid tribute to his wife as he broke the news on Tuesday morning.
“Ladies & Gentleman ... Ennio Stanley Gleave (Thank you @mcnaughty for baking this perfect little cake for us ),” he wrote alongside an up-close photo of their new addition.
Ennio joins big brother Evander Maxwell Gleave who arrived safely in December 2014.

At 27-weeks pregnant, the former Miss Australia was forced to respond to a slew of negative comments about her frame.
“A lot of people commenting on how small my bump is for 27 weeks… A few important points!” she wrote alongside an image of her growing bump on Instagram.
“1. I took this pic first thing in the morning. By the evening I'm WAY bigger! 2. Even my midwife has said I have ‘an extra-long torso’ – this means I have a lot more room to carry a baby.”
The Australian-native also reminded the world of her height – she’s 5’9”, thank you very much – and the fact that, like any woman expecting to give birth, she’s put on a healthy amount of weight with the help of a burger or two a week.
“I'm measuring spot on for how far along I am,” she continues, adding that she’s feeling good “most of the time”.
“My midwife is happy so that's all I need to say.”
Congratulations again to the happy family!

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