Edwina Bartholomew and her daughter, Molly, bond on their girls-only babymoon and babycinos were on tap

''The most wonderful weekend exploring.''
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Nearing the end of her pregnancy, Edwina Bartholomew has taken her daughter Molly on a mini babymoon for some extra bonding time before she becomes a big sister.

The girls took their plans to the Crown Hotel, and they indulged in every glamorous activity they could while they admired the incredible Sydney views from their room.

Little Molly, who is turning two in December, was the best holiday partner Edwina could ask for as she drank copious amounts of babycino, went swimming, stared in awe at the fish in the aquarium, and indulged in a spa treatment.

Edwina shared a slew of pictures on Instagram from their lovely weekend, and in one shot, Molly has her hands all over the hotel window as she stares out on the world below.

She also shared a mirror selfie to show off her growing baby bump, which she captioned, “The most wonderful weekend exploring @sydney.

“Room service. Movie on the big screen. Molly’s specialty spa treatment. Pool to ourselves at 6am. Babycinos and the buffet. Aquarium by 10am.

“Thank you to @visitnsw for the night at @crownsydney. Apologies for the little fingerprints all over your shiny surfaces,” she finished.

The girls looked rested at the spa.

(Credit: Instagram)

On her Instagram Stories, she provided fans even more insights into the trip by posting a picture of Molly waving to her grandmother over facetime, them cuddling at the spa, and bonding with cousins at the aquarium.

Amongst all the activities, Edwina found some time for herself when she went for a pregnancy massage which she commented “was divine,” and she exclaimed, “HALLELUJAH.”

Last week she told Now To Love that her second pregnancy feels longer than the first, adding: “I feel like I’m about 13 months pregnant, but it’s great I’ve been feeling really healthy and really good.

“Hopefully we have another Molly – they sleep well, and eat well, and it all goes to plan! Of course, that’s not what babies do!”

She added that while she has a few baby names in mind already, she won’t be sharing any until the bub arrives.

“A few we didn’t use last time have made it back on the list, but I’ve learned very early not to tell anyone because then you get opinions from all corners – including my mum!”

“I think it’s so rare for women to say, ‘Hey, I’m good at this.'”

(Credit: Instagram)

Edwina had previously spoke with TV WEEK in December 2020 about how motherhood had given her a whole new outlook on life.

“The amount of energy I’ve wasted sweating the small stuff – for years,” she said. “Now, I just think, ‘Oh, I wish I’d made better use of that time.’

“I think it’s so rare for women to say, ‘Hey, I’m good at this,'” she continued, acknowledging the pressure women face as new mothers.

“But you know what? I’m a really good mum, and Molly’s a really good baby. And we have a really happy family. That’s such a huge achievement. I don’t think ‘old me’ would have recognised that it’s a big deal and a great thing to be able to accomplish.”

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