Pregnant Edwina Bartholomew forced into isolation after Sunrise crew member tests positive for COVID-19

Edwina was among the close contacts.

By Maddison Leach
Just days after Edwina Bartholomew announced her second pregnancy live on Sunrise, the show's studio has had to undergo a COVID-19 deep clean.
News broke on Friday that a crew member had tested positive for the virus on Thursday, having worked at the studio all week.
Presenter Natalie Barr shared the news with viewers on Friday morning.
"Hello and welcome to Friday everyone! We join you after a COVID scare of our own overnight," she said during Friday morning's broadcast.
"The studio here has been deep cleaned after a staffer tested positive, we have all been tested, everyone here is ok."
Nat Barr announced news of the COVID-19 scare this morning. (Instagram)
Now several other Sunrise cast and crew are considered close contacts and have had to get tested and go into isolation.
Sadly, that includes Edwina, who is currently pregnant with her second child and shared the happy news live on air just last week.
"Eddy is a close contact so she's isolating, but she's ok though, and Kochie was already having the day off today," Natalie revealed this morning.
Edwina will have to isolate for a full 14 days regardless of her COVID-19 test results.
Just a few days ago, she received her first Pfizer vaccine jab in a segment that aired on Sunrise encouraging pregnant women to get vaccinated.
Though the vaccine provides protection against the virus, one jab isn't as effective as having both.
The crew member who tested positive on the Sunrise hasn't been identified, but it's understood they had received both of their vaccine injections.
They are also asymptomatic, meaning they aren't presenting any of the classic symptoms associated with COVID-19.
The Sunrise studio underwent a deep clean. (Sunrise/Seven)
Edwina opened up about the COVID-19 scare on Sunrise this morning, revealing that she has since tested negative for the virus.
"The good news is that I went and got a test last night about 7:30 and it came this morning at 7am as negative, which is a huge relief," she said in a live video-call.
"I'm very grateful to be at least half vaccinated and thankful the other staff member was double vaccinated."
She went on to say that she had been very anxious about the results of her test, as if she had tested positive she could have passed the virus on to her husband and their daughter, Molly.
"The thought that I would infect the rest of my family with this hideous, hideous condition was just so so scary."
Seven has established a rapid testing station for cast and crew who are still able to work during the current outbreak and NSW lockdown.
"Seven's number one priority is the health, safety and welfare of all staff and the community" the network said, via 7News.com.
On Wednesday, Edwina spoke about the importance of getting vaccinated, especially for pregnant women who are now able to access the Pfizer jab.
"Pfizer is the recommended vaccine for pregnant women," she wrote on Instagram after getting her first jab.
Edwina encouraged pregnant women to get vaccinated. (Instagram)
"Pregnant women are now FINALLY on the priority list for Pfizer. It took me ages to find an appointment. Hopefully it will be easier for you."
The pregnant 38-year-old added that there are serious health risks for pregnant women who contract COVID-19, which is more likely if they're unvaccinated.
She encouraged women who are expecting or trying for a baby to speak to their doctor about what is the best choice for them.

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