EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Cyrell Paule and Love Island’s Eden Dally landed on their baby name thanks to Instagram

''I really want a unique name, like I don’t want a Jack or a Jim or a Bob.''
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When Married At First Sight‘s Cyrell Paule and Love Island‘s Eden Dally announced that they were expecting a baby together, it was the reality TV twist we did not see coming!

But as the couple prepare to welcome their baby boy in February, they’ve momentarily agreed on a baby name – and it was recommended to them via Instagram.

Speaking exclusively to Now To Love, Cyrell revealed that they landed on a name but it’s forever changing.

“My sister’s a week pregnant before me and then a week after is Eden’s sister so there’s been a lot of texting going on. But she has this name we liked so I went on Instagram and asked people to help,” Cyrell says.

“I really want a unique name, like I don’t want a Jack or a Jim or a Bob. People wrote in and we found one from Instagram that Eden and I both agreed on so hopefully that’s the one that stays.”

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But before you get your hopes up, the couple kept their name a secret but it’s for a reason that many expectant parents will probably relate to.

“We have a tendency to change our mind again so we don’t want to set anything in stone just yet. I’ve got four more months [to decide] and then my vagina will never be the same again!”

“I’ve got four more months [to decide] and then my vagina will never be the same again!”

(Image: Instagram @cyrelljimenezpaule)

As for her pregnancy, Cyrell says that while she wasn’t getting morning sickness in the mornings, she was having to deal with nausea in the latter parts of the day. She confesses she has now finally stopped vomiting in the afternoon.

But there has been one exciting advancement as their unborn bub has started to move.

“I definitely feel when he’s moving and rotating in there– it’s the best thing,” she says. “I get so excited and can’t wait for Eden to experience it because I get giggles when I feel it. Sometimes I think ‘Am I about to fart?’ and it’s just the baby!”

Cyrell’s also been having sweet cravings, something she usually hates.

“I’m such a savoury person, I hate anything sweet and now every night I’m like ‘Honey, can we please get cookies and cream ice cream?’ I love ice cream so I think my baby must have a sweet tooth which he probably got from his dad because his dad loves anything sweet. That’s why he loves me!”

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But despite the excitement of welcoming their first child, Cyrell and Eden have been dealing with social media trolls and bullies since appearing on MAFS and Love Island respectively, with neither realising how much of a fan base Aussie reality TV stars have.

Eden, who was the runner-up on the first season of Love Island Australia with Erin Barnett, said that people considering starring on reality TV should know what they’re getting themselves into.

“Sometimes you don’t know the actual extent of what people are going to say to you online,” he says. “I feel like even with production they need to take responsibility and warn the contestants what exactly they’re getting themselves into before they sign up.

“When we got out from Love Island we had three months support from a psychologist and I don’t know how three months is enough to get you through it.”

Cyrell adds: “It’s like ‘In three months’ time all the problems will go away and the bullying and trolls are going to stop’ but really it doesn’t. A year down the track and it’s still going on.”

Eden rose to fame on Love Island Australia in 2018 whereas Cyrell starred on 2019’s season of Married At First Sight.

(Images: Channel Nine)

Cyrell and Eden’s threats have worsened since announcing their pregnancy with some even claiming that the whole thing is fake to up their profile.

“They’re saying we’re extending our 15 minutes of fame and now we get people writing saying ‘You don’t deserve that baby, that child deserves better parents’, ‘You should have a miscarriage’ and racial remarks like ‘You’re going to have a half black monkey baby,'” Cyrell explained.

“It’s really hurtful and people don’t realise how much words get to you. Eden ended up having to take my phone and I’ve never had that in my life where as a grown woman I’ve had my phone taken away from me just because of that much trolling.”

Eden adds: “If someone’s saying things like ‘I hope you have a miscarriage,’ and wishing death on an unborn baby, I just can’t believe what the world’s come to.”

Cyrell revealed that Eden had to take her phone away when the trolling became too much.

(Image: Instagram @dallyeden)

When it comes to the haters, Cyrell says that people that have thoughts like that are most likely very unhappy.

Both she and Eden have teamed up with Heart on My Sleeve, a leading Australian grassroots mental health movement and organisation that aims to help those suffering in silence.

“I don’t want to say more hurtful things and retaliate. You find that the people who say these hurtful things are usually the unhappiest people. My advice to those people is that you’re probably the person that really needs to have someone to talk to and maybe wear your heart on your sleeve, open up to what is hurting you so much that you feel the need to hurt others as well.”

To take the pledge yourself and stop the stigma, visit the Heart on My Sleeve site here.

Cyrell and Eden are encouraging people to speak out and get help if they’re struggling with their mental health.

(Image: Supplied)

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