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Neighbours sweetheart April Rose Pengilly is engaged to her soulmate Adam

''The love of my life was kneeling before me...''
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After nearly two beautiful years of dating, Neighbours‘ April Rose Pengilly has said “yes” after her partner Adam Paul dropped to one knee.

The setting couldn’t be more romantic, April dress all in white on the water in a luxurious floating home as her other half presented a gift – “a custom-made book” with their initials and the day they met, January 15, 2022, stamped on the cover.

April and Adam are engaged!

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“Before I could absorb the images, the love of my life was kneeling before me, asking THE question,” she captioned the video of Adam proposing, captured on his drone.

“I immediately burst into tears and forgot to even look at the ring. 🙈 It was the most magical moment of my life. I wish I could rewind and relive it 1000 times over. 😭

“Eventually, I remembered to say “YES,” then actually looked at the ring. It was incredible. I get to wear this? Forever?! 🥹”

After the romantic proposal, April went to the bathroom to retouch her makeup – from tears of joy – when she recognised a familiar face floating on the boat beside her with the song “Going to the Chapel” playing.

On the boat was her family, including her mother and former INXS rocker and dad, Kirk.

The proposal was nine months in the making, with Adam considering numerous occasions before selecting the perfect boat trip as he “wanted everything to be just right.”

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“We ate, we laughed, we cried, I stared at my newly adorned hand, and at my dreamy ex-boyfriend – now fiancé. 🥹❤️,” she concluded.

It is unclear how the lovebirds met in 2022, but it is clear to see they are absolutely smitten with one another. In celebration of their one-year anniversary in 2023, April shared a montage of some of their more memorable moments and fans swooned at the sight of them.

To commemorate the momentous occasion, continue scrolling to see some of April and Adam’s most adorable moments.

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“Still in a daze after this perfect day,” April confessed in her announcement.

(Image: Instagram)

After April said “I do” it became a family affair. Her closest family members rushed to congratulate the new soon-to-be married couple.

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Who wouldn’t want to show off a stunning diamond ring like that?

(Image: Instagram)

Love caught on film!

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“Dinner and drinks at The Athenaeum 🥂,” April wrote in March, 2023.

(Image: Instagram)

If there’s a travel bug going around, you can guarantee these two have caught it, recovered and caught it all over again just for fun.

From the architectural beauty that is Paris, the sinking city of Venice, to being blessed by the gods in Greece – April and Adam ventured all over Europe.

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Couples that colour co-ordinate stay together.

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“Six months 🥰,” she began on Instagram.

“He is so kind, clever, fun, funny, silly, caring and thoughtful. I have had one of the most stressful and unstable years of my life, but he has been there through it all, helping me and supporting me and treating me like a princess. Sometimes I feel guilty that he’s all mine and other people don’t get to have him as their boyfriend because he is so wonderful and I am so lucky. ☺️ Happy anniversary.”

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