Carrie Bickmore’s most hilarious (and refreshingly honest!) dispatches from inside the chaos of self isolation

She's just telling it like it is!
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While she’s one of Australia’s most-loved and most successful TV and radio hosts, right now Carrie Bickmore is just like any other parent, battling to balance working from home along with parenting her young children.

The Project host is currently self isolating at home in Melbourne with her partner Chris Walker and their daughters Evie and Adelaide (nicknamed Addie), along with Carrie’s son from her first marriage to her late husband Greg Lange, Ollie.

The 39-year-old has been sharing photos and videos with her Instagram followers, showing how she and her family have been amusing themselves at home during this time.

From cutting Chris’s hair, to dealing with her own natural roots (we feel you there, Carrie), and attempting to keep her kids amused, Carrie has made us chuckle in agreement as she attempts to stay sane in isolation.

We thought we could all use a bit of a laugh right now, so keep on scrolling for the best pics and clips of Carrie’s family keeping themselves entertained at home in self isolation.

Carrie’s partner Chris and children Ollie, Evie and Addie.

(Image: Instagram)

Carrie gave her partner a haircut

Carrie and Chris, pictured during those glorious pre-isolation days.

(Image: Instagram)

While hairdressers are still legally open right now, many people understandably have been wary about going to get their hair done.

So, like many of us, Carrie got out the clippers and attempted to give Chris a bit of a chop at home.

The results were … interesting.

You can watch the hilarious video featuring Carrie’s hairdressing skills in the clip below.

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And she got real about her own grey-hair regrowth

Carrie shared a refreshingly honest photo of her grey roots poking through, with the caption: “S–ts about to get real 🤗😬”.

We feel you Carrie!

Carrie shared this close-up snap of her grey roots on Instagram.

(Image: Instagram)

The post clearly resonated with Carrie’s fans, including A-list pals like Kate Ritchie, who commented on the post: “I can’t even show you my eyebrows…”

Magda Szubanki comment, “I’m thinkin it might be time to just shave it all off! Mine I mean!! 👩‍”, while Patti Newton wrote, “It means I can’t be a natural blonde!!!!!”

Thanks for keeping it real ladies.

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Her daughter created a sweet song for other kids to wash their hands to

Carrie’s older daughter Evie came up with a cute way to encourage other children to wash their hands properly and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Carrie filmed the adorable song and posted it on Instagram – you can watch the video in the player below.

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Carrie’s baby Addie got stuck into her pantry

How can you be mad at this cute face?

(Image: Instagram)

While she’s probably a few months off being able to eat pancakes and popcorn, that didn’t stop little Addie from raiding her parents’ pantry for snacks.

We feel seen!

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And Carrie wasn’t afraid to embrace the chaos is #IsoLife

Like every parent, Carrie is just trying to keep the wheels from completely falling off.

One thing that’s helping? Wine. And Pictionary.

This pic is a mood.

(Image: Instagram)

She also shared this clip of her eldest child Ollie zooming around her house with his little sister, which you can watch in the player below.

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She made the most of Easter in isolation with her family

Carrie dressed up her daughter Addie in an adorable costume, baked a delicious cake and got stuck into some Easter chocolate!

“Thought it was a bunny outfit. Appears to be a fox #stillcute #happyeaster,” Carrie wrote on Instagram alongside this adorable photo of Addie.

(Image: Instagram)

“All I do is bake and eat and then bake some more. (and clean and clean and clean and clean),” Carrie wrote. Solid effort!

(Image: Instagram)

“Off with its head. Oops. One less for the kids. I have tried not to eat it for 2 weeks but today I needed it!”

(Image: Instagram)

And got a little tired of constantly cleaning up after her kids

The familiar sight of pens and pencils strewn all over the floor.

(Image: Instagram)

Every parent self-isolating right now will be familiar with this battle.

“ISO LIFE. Every time we tidy a room they destroy it,” Carrie wrote on Instagram alongside the photo above, showing stationery all over her floors.

And she also uploaded a hilarious video of her daughter taking every single book off her bookshelf.

“Not sure why I bother tidying,” Carrie joked.

You can watch the funny clip below.

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She’s set herself a new self-isolation goal

“ISO GOAL. To learn to play Clocks by ColdPlay 🤗,” Carrie wrote on Instagram.

“I used to play piano as a kid and have been inspired watching Ollie play, so. … challenge is to learn to play piano again by end of ISO. Tricky to learn the second hand when little people want to join in… but we’ll get there 👏 (god I love music) 🎶”

Carrie posted a photo of herself attempting the classic song, with a little helper!

Watch the video below.

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But despite all the fun, charming happy snaps, Carrie also acknowledged that while things might be a little frustrating right now, there are many things to be thankful for,

“Well…….parenting through the corona crisis is proving to be a roller coaster ride! It’s like doing normal life but without all the scaffolding. No routine, no school, no weekly activities, no extended family, no friends, no familiar faces, no distractions and not many breaks to catch our breath,” she wrote on Instagram.

“There are moments that make your heart sing, beautiful moments that we wouldn’t normally get, and moments that are incredibly tough.

“So much uncertainty and stress and sometimes you just wanna cry or hide in a cupboard for 5 mins peace. No two lives are the same, everyone has different challenges at the moment and is being tested in different ways, but there is so much compassion and care going around.

“We all need to be kind to each other and to ourselves as well. To all our health workers putting their lives and their families lives at risk for all of us. Thank you ❤️”

An important message everyone needs to hear.

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