Carrie Bickmore's best snaps of her adorable family

Cute is an understatement.

By Alex Lilly
Carrie Bickmore is one of Australia's most loved public figures. Between hosting The Project and her radio show with Tommy Little, the Gold Logie winner has had some memorable moments over the last few years.
But we just can't get enough of her adorable family, who recently gained one more little member. Baby Adelaide (nicknamed Addie) was born in December 2018 to Carrie and her partner Chris Walker.
Carrie also shares daughter Evie, three, with Chris and her son Oliver, 11, is from her first marriage to late husband, Greg Lange.
Despite being one of the most relatable mums out there, Carrie has previously admitted that she had a fear of birth and wasn't sure she would have any more children after suffering from a haemorraghe shortly after her son was born.
"I think I thought I would be OK if I didn't have any more kids," she told Anh Do on the ABC show, Anh's Brush With Fame.
"I just felt so blessed with Ollie and with Evie, it was a really different experience. It wasn't fun but it wasn't traumatic. I'm so glad I had her!"
"I see Ollie and her together and it literally makes my heart sing. For him, that he might not have gotten to have a brother or sister and they're like two peas in a pod. Cause he's so much older than her, he's just so protective. She's going to have that for life, that big brother."
Now that they are an adorable family of five, we've taken a look at some of their sweetest moments together.

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