EXCLUSIVE: Could Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell be planning a big move to America?

What this could mean for mum Terri Irwin.
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Their adorable daughter Grace is already seven months old and naturally Bindi Irwin and husband Chandler Powell are itching to show her off to his family in the US.

And with Australia’s international borders now finally open, insiders say the couple are packing their bags!

“Chandler is excitedly planning a trip to America so his parents can finally meet little Grace,” a source tells Woman’s Day.

“He’s really hoping they’ll be able to go for Christmas, even though Bindi wants her first festive season to be at Australia Zoo, so they’re still ironing that out.

“Either way, Grace can expect to get her first stamp on her passport soon.”

Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell’s daughter Grace is already seven months old.


Bindi has described Chandler’s mother Shannan as “a remarkable woman” and the insider says the would-be doting grandparents can’t wait to see their son and his family after months apart.

“[Chandler’s dad] Chris and Shannan are beside themselves,” reveals the source.

“It’s been extremely hard on them to be on the other side of the world from their second grandchild, not to mention their son, who’s still their baby boy even though he’s a grown-up married man now.”

Bindi, 23, has always made it clear she wants to show her daughter the world.

“Every adventure you take, particularly as a family, shapes you and changes you and expands your horizons,” says the Irwin Family Adventures star.

But the insider predicts this may not just be a vacation for the family – but a permanent stay instead.

“Bindi and Chandler have discussed the idea of moving to the States a few times now, and it’s definitely on the cards,” says the source.

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“They want to wait until the zoo recovers from pandemic losses, given they’ve not had their usual influx of international and interstate tourists over the past year-and-a-half.

“But once they’re in the black again, they’re taking Grace to her US roots for an extended period.”

And Bindi’s eyeing Los Angeles as the family’s base.

“Bindi is keen to go back to Hollywood, where she made excellent contacts from when she was on Dancing With The Stars, plus they have their own show on Animal Planet.

The move would take Bindi away from mum Terri and brother Robert.


“It’s a good chance to get under the noses of their American fans, as well as have Grace be closer to her other grandparents in Florida,” says the Irwin insider.

But while Bindi and Chandler, 24, are thrilled at the prospect of their overseas adventure, Bindi’s mum Terri, 57, isn’t exactly jumping for joy at the thought of her family heading to the other side of the world!

“It’s all very exciting and promising, but you have to spare a thought for Terri who’s had precious time this year with her first grandchild, daughter and son-in-law,” says the source.

“I’m sure she’s dreading rattling around her big house at the zoo with just son Robert.”

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