The Bec effect: Every single time Bec Hewitt’s daughters Mia and Ava reminded us of her

Some strong genes here.
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Bec Hewitt is an undisputed Aussie golden girl – and her two daughters Mia and Ava are well en route to following in their mum’s footsteps.

The Hewitt trio are a sight to behold when pictured together – their similarities, mannerisms and quirks are undeniable.

Some might call it the Bec effect – but there’s no denying both Mia, 17, and Ava, 12, are paving out their own legacies in the wake of their mother’s success as an actress.

Of course, we’ll never forget the moment Bec married Aussie tennis legend Lleyton Hewitt – it seemed the pair’s fairytale romance couldn’t be anymore perfect.

That was until they welcomed their two daughters and 14-year-old son Cruz – who incidentally is a dab hand at tennis, just like his father.

Yep, this celebrity family are undoubtedly destined for great things – and we’re more than happy to witness the ride.

Keep scrolling as we see it in action – all while the Hewitt triplets (ahem, we mean, trio) take on the world together.

WATCH: Hear Bec Hewitt talk about how she started dating Lleyton back in the day. Gallery begins below…

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(Image: Instagram)

Bec Hewitt as a young girl

Let’s just leave this one here to start with as our base – a young Bec Cartwright (later to become Hewitt) is seen with her first agent, Joan Gibson. Bear this picture in mind as we look at her two daughters today – the similarities are uncanny!

(Image: Instagram)

Bec’s youngest daughter Ava

Is that you, Bec? Nope, this is her youngest daughter Ava Hewitt ladies and gentlemen – and you can’t argue that she looks just like her mum.

(Image: Instagram)

Double take!

The nine-year-old at the time delved into some of her mum’s beauty products by the looks of things.

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Ava Hewitt looks just like mum Bec Hewitt

(Image: Instagram)

Ava dresses up

The young up-and-comer looks to be quite the character – perhaps she’s headed for the sunny shores of Summer Bay on Aussie soap Home and Away one day, just like her mum?

(Image: Channel Seven)

Bec on Home and Away

Bec’s character Hayley on Home and Away was memorable to say the least – and we’re pretty sure daughter Ava would give whatever role she gets a similar treatment.

(Image: Instagram)

Ava posing for the camera

Seriously, she already knows how to work the camera.

(Image: Instagram)

Bec’s daughters Mia & Ava sharing a sweet moment

A dream duo if we ever saw one – Bec shared this sweet picture of her two daughters having a moment in 2019.

(Image: Instagram)

Mia looks just like her mum!

We also must address the fact that Mia, aged 17, is literally the spit of her mother as she was on the brink of her Home and Away debut. Last year, Bec shared this stunning moment from Paris, as she and her lookalike daughter attended a fashion show.

(Image: Instagram)

Mia has style

And it looks like the teen has got a flair for style – just like her mum.

(Image: Getty)

A young Bec in 1999

Back in 1999, Bec and her now 17-year-old could have passed as twins!

(Image: Instagram)

Bec, pictured with, her lookalike daughter, Mia

To be fair, they still could today…

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Happy Birthday! Bec & Lleyton Hewitt’s eldest Mia turns 12

(Image: Instagram)

Mia shared a candid photo

Bec also shared this candid snap of Mia in 2019 – is that the sands of Summer Bay we see?

(Image: Channel Seven)

Back in her Home and Away heyday

Who knows, perhaps Hayley will make a grand return with two lookalike daughters on the Aussie soap… the show has seen stranger things.

(Image: Instagram)

Birthday tribute to eldest daughter Mia

Bec posted a beautiful image of her eldest daughter, writing: “Happy Birthday to my style icon! @miarebeccaofficial15 today! ❤️”

(Image: Instagram)

Lleyton shares birthday snap

Meanwhile Lleyton also shared a picture of his daughter on her big day, writing: “Happy 15th B’day to my beautiful girl @miarebeccaofficial 💞 #ProudParents.”

(Image: Instagram)

The Hewitt trio

The Hewitt trio are growing up too fast! Bec shared the adorable snap to Instagram in 2021.

(Image: Instagram)

Ava’s birthday celebration

Bec shared this adorable photo of her youngest child to celebrate her 11th birthday!

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