Back to school stationery lists from kindergarten to secondary school

Notepads at the ready, quite literally.
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As back to school time approaches, parents can be left scratching their heads wondering what it is exactly that their kids will need to set them up for a successful year of learning.

Do kindergarteners need pens? How many folders will a highschooler need? Does anyone use liquid paper any more?

Fear not, we’ve got you sorted with some lists of the back-to-school best sellers from Officeworks. Whether your child is beginning their school journey, or heading into high school, you’ll find what they need in the handy lists below …

Nothing sets you up for a great year of learning better than shiny new stationery! Image: Getty Images.

Kindergarten Stationery List

  • Crayola Twistable Crayons 12 Pack

  • Studymate Book Cover A4 Hearts

  • Studymate Book Cover A4

  • Studymate Plastic Fluoro Ruler 15cm

  • First Creations Long Sleeve Smock

  • Oxford Very First Dictionary

  • Sistema To Go Twist N Sip Bottle 460mL

  • SKIP HOP Zoo Backpack Fox

  • SKIP HOP Zoo Backpack Unicorn

  • SKIP HOP Zoo Backpack Dalmatian

The SKIP HOP Zoo range is a super-cute way to begin your schooling career. Image: Officeworks.

Primary School Stationery List

  • Studymate Tube Pencil Case Mirror Silver

  • Studymate Single Zip Mesh Pencil Case 330 x 260mm White

  • Studymate MegaMonster Premium Scrapbook 64 Page

  • Studymate Premium Clear PP Cover Mini Scrapbook 64 Page

  • Studymate Premium A4 Botany Book QLD Year 3

  • Studymate Plastic Clear Ruler 30cm

  • Studymate Ergonomic Pencil Grip 5 Pack

  • Staedtler Neon Eraser

  • Maped Igloo 2 Hole Sharpener

  • Maped Deluxe Kidicut Safety Scissors 120mm

  • Keji Display Book A4 20 Pocket Refillable Light Weight Blue

  • Faber-Castell Junior Triangular Graphite Pencils 2B 12 Pack

  • Bostik

The Maped Deluxe Kidicut Safety Scissors are perfect for little fingers. Image: Officeworks.

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Secondary School Stationery List

  • Studymate Tin Maths Set 9 Piece

  • Studymate Premium A4 Loose Leaf Refill 100 Pack

  • Studymate A4 Premium Graph Book 5mm 96 Page

  • Studymate Name Pencil Case Large Teal

  • Staedtler Textsurfer Classic Highlighters Assorted 4 Pack

  • Staedtler Rasoplast Eraser Large

  • Smart Fit Single Zip Compact Pencil Case Navy

  • MacBook Air 2018 13.3″ 1.6GHz 128GB Space Grey

  • J.Burrows 14″ 2 Tone Laptop Sleeve Black

  • J.Burrows Mini Correction Tapes 5mm x 6m Assorted 6 Pack

  • J.Burrows Comfort Grip Scissors 8″/203mm

  • J.Burrows Insert Binder A4 2 D-Ring 25mm Gloss Blue

  • J.Burrows A4 10 Tab Polypropylene Divider Neon

  • J.Burrows A3 EVA Art Folio Black

  • Faber-Castell Connector Whiteboard Markers Assorted 4 Pack

  • Casio Scientific Calculator fx-82AU PLUS II

  • BIC Cristal

Flashbacks! How exciting was your new Studymate Maths Set Tin? Image: Officeworks.

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