The best school shoes to buy for the new school year

Finding shoes that last is one of a school parents biggest challenges!

By Jess Pullar
Of all the things you can go shopping for, many parents will safely agree the least glamorous of those would be for the humble school shoe.
First of all, you've got to actually get your kids to the shoe shop - a task only parents will understand the difficulty of, especially when there's a pool or TV involved.
Then comes the mission of shoving all the shoe options available on their feet (bonus points if you remembered to bring socks!) and agreeing on a pair that are both comfortable, practical and most importantly, cool - to your kids at least.
School shoe shopping can be a drag, but it's worth it when your kids end up looking as chuffed as Prince George! (Image: Getty)
As another school year fast roles around, there's no way to avoid it any longer - the sooner you rip off that school-shoe-shopping-band aid, the better.
Lucky for us, there's a plethora of affordable, accessible and practical school shoes on the market right now, and we've got all the details on where you can score them.
Keep scrolling as we round up the best wheels in the biz for your young ones - they'll be away (at school) laughing in no time!

1. Target shoes

Tried, tested and always true, trusty Target has the goods when it comes to your kiddies school shoes this year.
They're smart, practical and below $40. And with the stores themselves not hard to find (a quick Google will tell you where your nearest store is located), you're pretty much guaranteed a winner.
Eton Grad Lace-Up School Shoes, $35 from Target. (Image: Target)
Eliza Junior T-Bar Leather School Shoes, $35 from Target. (Image: Target)

2. Kmart shoes

Even at the worst of times it's tough to walk past a Kmart without taking a quick peek!
And while their school shoes mightn't last long-term, you're still getting serious value for money - their basic styles cost less than $10.00!
What's more, if your child is due for a growth spurt, a cheaper style won't need to go the distance anyway - they'll be needing another size in no time.
Check out some of Kmart's styles below.
Lace Up School Shoes, $6 from Kmart. (Image: Kmart)
T-Bar School Shoes, $24 from Kmart. (Image: Kmart)

3. Sketchers

Built for comfort, your child is guaranteed to keep up with all the school day demands in a pair of Sketchers.
While the brand can be a little on the pricier side, their school shoe styles are worth the investment if you're after a pair that'll last the year.
Girls Relaxed Fit Playground Princess, $89.99 from Sketchers. (Image: Sketchers)
Kids Durablox Shoe, $89.99 from Sketchers. (Image: Sketchers)

4. Myer

A visit to Myer can cover many shopping bases - school shoes included.
With a varied range of styles, the department store offers prices from $35 and up.
And now is the time to act - they're currently offering 20 percent off school shoes!
Archie school shoes, $64 from Myer. (Image: Myer)
Roc Kids Jeepers boots, $72 from Myer. (Image: Myer)

5. Tiptoe and Co

When it comes to kids' feet, there's not many who know more about them than the team at Aussie online retailer, Tiptoe & Co.
Specialising in the best and most stylish shoes for your little one's feet from the beginning, they've got them covered through their school days too.
With easy sizing assistance, and great customer support you can be sure to get the right fit without even entering a store with the kids. Winning!
Converse Distrito Low Top, $70 from Tiptoe & Co. (Image: Tiptoe & Co.)
SUREFIT Brittney Girls School Shoes, $99.95 from Tiptoe & Co. (Image: Tiptoe & Co.)
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