How to create a luxe Christmas

Deck the halls like never before.

Christmas is the most magical time of the year for many. Spending time with family and friends you haven’t seen for long spells, social gatherings, parties, and indulgent lunches, cooking up creations reserved to the festive season, reliving traditions – the list of why we love the festive season could go on. But as special as this time of year is, it’s also a holiday that tends to creep up on you and before you know it, it’s on your doorstep and you still have a long list of ‘To Do’s’.

And yes, we only may only be in October, but getting ahead of time is key to managing a magical, stress-free festive season. Cue the voluminous trees, festive mantle displays and elaborate tablescapes. While there’s no doubt that your home brings beautiful satisfaction all year round, there’s no time quite like Christmas to indulge in a little bit of decadence and go all out with the decorations.

To get your home ready for all the seasonal festivities, Myer is the one-stop shop destination for all your Christmas needs. From traditional to contemporary styles, there’s a range of different options and themes for you to deck your halls from the front door to the Christmas tree and beyond.

So why not make this year your most stylish yet? Here we detail the elegant but oh-so-simple ways to create a luxe Christmas.

1. Make it a family affair

Throughout the year we don’t often have the luxury of time. Use Christmas to enjoy special moments with your family and friends and create memories, magic, and connection. Deck the halls with ornaments together and create wonderful traditions through shared experiences where everyone can participate – and make it feel special.

You might choose a beautiful bottle of sparkling wine and serve in your finest crystal Champagne flutes, and start a tradition of toasting to the year ahead with your family and gather everyone around the table to say something.

You could even start a cooking tradition where your kids and grandchildren all get together and make a decadent new Christmas-themed dessert. Bakeware by The Cooks Collective has an impressive range of shaped cake tins (think rose buds, blooming flowers, intricate jewels and crowns), rolling pins, cookie cutters and shaped muffins tins to turn your everyday recipe into a star, snowflake and love heart instantly.

Celebrate the Christmas season by keeping old traditions alive, while starting new ones.

Or you might take the kids shopping to choose a lovely ornament to gift to their (favourite!) teachers or hang from the tree to mark an annual tradition.

2. Indulge in some gourmet goodness

It’s one of the many joys of the festive season: sharing good food with the people you love and treasure the most. Christmas is a time where you can gather around tables with your loved ones, bond over traditional family recipes and reminisce about the good old days. For many, this is one of the most important meals of the year and perhaps the only time where everyone can come together, celebrate, and enjoy a mince pie (or three).

Christmas is the time to indulge in your favourite tasty treats.

Christmas is the time to fill your tables with your holiday favourites and indulge in foods you wouldn’t normally eat throughout the year. You might indulge in some oysters or prawns or if your tastebuds are more sweetly inclined perhaps a traditional Panettone or shortbreads.

Whether the seasonal delicacies that grace your table be sweet, savoury or everything in between, take a moment to enjoy every mouthful, be present and savour the moment.

3. Deck the halls

The tradition of Christmas is one we all look forward to. But once December rolls around it can be difficult to put aside some time for injecting your home with some holiday cheer. Bringing out the decorations and filling your abode with Christmas cheer is arguably one of the best things about the holiday season. But there’s more to Christmas decorating than just the tree and the mantel.

Inspire a festive mood in your home by hanging your decorations and prized ornaments from your railings.

Tiny touches like hanging your prized ornaments from the stair railings or adorning your main doorway with stars or sparkling string lights are all you need to inspire a festive mood. And on that note of setting the mood, there’s no better way to add a luxe touch to your abode than with a carefully selected scent – and the Christmas season is no different.

From mulled wine to brandied apple layering your home with festive, heart-warming aromas will not only make it smell like a Christmas dream but will transport you back through time to those magical childhood memories spent huddled around the tree with your nearest and dearest.

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