14 of the best plants for your bedroom

Get some zen while you catch some zzzs!
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Did you know that 6 in 10 Aussies believe indoor plants have a calming influence? They certainly make us feel zen, plus they introduce soothing greenery and soften those hard lines of furniture.

But they don’t just look good. Certain plants when kept indoors can improve the air quality as well as absorb carbon dioxide while you sleep. They’ve even been proven to help women live longer!

We at Now To Love spoke with Yates Horticulture Consultant, Angie Thomas, who has compiled a guide to some of the best plants to keep in your bedroom, check them out below.

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1. Mother in Law’s Tongue

2. Aloe vera

3. Spider Plant

4. English Ivy

5. Peace Lily

6. Bamboo Palm

7. Devil’s Ivy

8. Moth Orchids

9. Bromeliads

10. ZZ plant

11. Chinese Evergreen

12. Weeping Fig

13. Boston Fern

14. Cast iron plant

When it comes to keeping them alive, Thomas says to keep an eye on your moisture levels.

“The most common reason indoor plants don’t flourish (or survive!) is because well-meaning owners have either under or over watered them. To check whether plants need a drink or not, gently dig around in the top few centimetres of potting mix and you’ll be able to feel whether it’s moist or dry and dusty, in which case you’ll need to re-water.”

And depending on the plant, check how much sunlight your plant is getting.

“Most indoor plants like a brightly lit spot that’s protected from direct sunlight. Plants like cast iron plant and prayer plants will tolerate lower levels of light.”

Now get those green fingers planting!

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