Sleeping with this trendy indoor plant in your bedroom can cure snoring, NASA says

Excuse us while we take a trip to the nursery.

If you sleep next to a snorer, you’re probably not doing a lot of sleeping. Snoring can be a serious problem in relationships; not only does snoring create tiredness but also frustration and resentment.

But, we have some good news! Authority on all things science and information, NASA, say one trendy indoor plant can put a stop to snoring and sleepless nights.

According to NASA, adding a pineapple plant to your bedroom can cure snoring. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration reports the pineapple plant produces more oxygen than most, therefore improving the air quality in a room throughout the night, which in turn creates a healthier and better environment for restful (and quieter) sleeping.

As an added bonus, pineapple plants add a playful touch to a home’s interior with its tropical and summery atheistic. Long dark leaves fan out from the base of the plant and a shoot sprouts from the middle where a cute mini pineapple rests on top.

The snore-stopping info is coming from UK store ASDA, who are currently selling the indoor pineapple plant.

“According to NASA studies, Pineapple Plants produce oxygen and improve air quality throughout the night and, therefore, aid better (and quieter) sleep,” a spokesperson for the supermarket chain said recently in a statement.

If pineapple plants don’t match your interior aesthetic, NASA suggests aloe vera plants also aid air purification by releasing continuous oxygen.

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