Inside Bec Judd’s brilliantly organised pantry

This is seriously what dreams are made of.
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If you’re anything like us, in these dark and uncertain times, sometimes there is nothing more calming and soothing than looking at photos of celebrities’ perfectly organised pantry cabinets.

So when Bec Judd, the lifestyle influencer and wife of former AFL star Chris Judd, took to Instagram yesterday to take her followers inside her extremely organised kitchen – we were soaking up every word.

Bec revealed she employed a pantry organisation business to transform the pantry in her Melbourne home.

“Guys, I wanted to show you my new pantry … how good?” she announced on her Instagram stories on Thursday.

“The pantry angels from Tidee Life came over and I guess organised everything.”

Bec Judd is a mum of four from Melbourne with 879,000 followers on Instagram.


This is what Bec’s pantry looked like before the transformation.


And afterwards…


“One of my wishes was that I didn’t want to decant every single thing, because I’m busy and it’s just not practical in our family. So what that meant was we decant these kind of things [pointing to the sugar and flour], but then everything else just goes straight into these tubs,” Bec said, showing off the shelves in her cupboard.

“So we’ve got a baked good tubs, seeds and nuts, pastas at the back, rices, Mexican, cereals, we’ve got this for our spreads [pointing to a round rotating plate] , we’ve got a whole basket for our bread … and check out my snacks drawer now. How good is that?”

Bec uses containers for loose, dry ingredients, combined with large white tubs for packets.


Bec’s snack drawer is the stuff of dreams.


She also revealed her very organised spice and sauces rack, which seriously feels #oddlysatisfying just to look at!

“And I almost forgot. Here are our spices tin and sauce pullout cabinet. which before just had plastics in it,” she said.

“This is much more practical. And then we also have medicines, vitamins, tablets kids’ stuff, plus this is our coffee and tea cupboard. All the tea bags have been put in these – I have a peppermint tea every night – and it’s just above the coffee machine – perfect!”

Bec’s spice rack makes cooking so much easier.


Bec and her husband Chris, who were married in 2010, have four children together – Oscar, seven, Billie, five and twins Tom and Darcy, both two.

WATCH BELOW: Bec Judd’s easy-to-follow curly hair tutorial. Story continues after video.

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The Judd family recently moved into a brand new home in Melbourne and have spent the past few months renovating the property.

The house in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton reportedly cost $7.3 million and includes a large backyard pool and tennis court.

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