What Bec Judd did to shut down “skinny-shamers”

Rebecca Judd

Being shamed, well, for anything is the last thing one would expect – let alone should be tolerated – in the workplace.

However, as Rebecca Judd has sadly discovered, unwarranted, and unfair, criticism can cruelly crop up in any situation, and in any setting.

As reported by, while filming a segment for TV show Postcards, a group of women in their sixties took it upon themselves to assume the mum-of-four wouldn’t eat the food in front of her because she is thin.

“I hear this group of women – they would have been in their 60s – coming to the side,” she said on KIIS FM, describing the group of women mocking her.

“As if she’s going to eat that!” Bec continued, adding that when she wasn’t allowed to eat the food because the TV crew were shooting it, the women snorted, “Typical, told you she wouldn’t eat it.”

Bec’s response?

“When do women stop being molls?”

This comes just one day after the model-slash-TV presenter slammed a “pubescent paparazzo” for taking pictures of children at her kids’ school.

“I understand I’m fair game in a public space but today was a bit much,” she wrote on Instagram.

“A private shoot with many young children in a private school being interrupted by a pubescent paparazzo who is driven around by his mother (!!!). No, you do not have permission to take identifiable photographs of our children in a school. I’d think twice before publishing.”

Point to story: if you don’t have anything nice to say – or do – say and do nothing.

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