Furby is back! The perfect Christmas present for your kids

This toy is sure to win over the hearts of many this Christmas!
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Here’s one way to relive your childhood with the comeback of Furby!

The next generation of Furby still has its classic looks just with a little extra.

The new Furby is sure to impress the kids this Christmas.

(Credit: Instagram)

The tech upgrades are now more suitable for Gen-Alpha children with 5 voice-activated modes, over 600 responses to discover lights, sounds, and 10 unique songs, and it even has a fortune-telling and meditation mode!

“Following its craze-inducing launch in 1998, Furby has taken the world by storm, impacting every corner of the culture zeitgeist, from music to television and film,” said Lisa Van Ross, Marketing Manager, Fashion & Preschool, Hasbro Australia.

“For the brand’s 25th anniversary, we wanted to ignite the same excitement for this new generation by harnessing Furby’s power of nostalgia while giving Gen Alpha everything they crave.”

Furby responds to hugs, pats, belly tickles, shaking, and feeding of its pretend Pizza Charm. You can dress them up with fashion accessories and clip on beads.

So it’s easy to say that they aren’t quite the same as the Furbies you might’ve had as a kid but they’ve just gotten better!

Here’s the new version of Furby in both coral and purple (A$99).

(Credit: ToyMate)

Now that we are heading into the festive season, Furby is the perfect gift for the kids to find under the tree on Christmas Day.

Furby offers kids a lifelong friend, companionship, endless entertainment, learning opportunities and emotional connection.

A toy so good you might find Mum or Dad entranced by the magic that is Furby!

Furby reminds kids to be their true selves regardless if they are silly or wacky like Furby.

Furby will be available in two new colours, Purple from all major retailers and a limited-edition Coral (exclusive to Toymate).

So get in early to get this adorable little toy before it sells out!

Get a Furby here before the Christmas toy rush.

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