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Woolworths won’t let you BYO containers for your meat and fish

Put your lunch boxes away.
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Now that single-use plastic bags are out at Woolworths, everyone is trying to think of environmentally-friendly ways to carry around their groceries.

The Daily Telegraph previously reported that the supermarket giant is thinking of allowing customers to bring their own plastic containers to carry their meat and fish products, but Woolworths have made a public statement saying that they won’t let that happen due to health and safety reasons.

“This is not something we offer at the moment due to food safety and operational reasons, but we are always looking for new ways to help customers reduce plastic consumption across our stores,” a Woolworths spokesman said.

Single-use plastic bags are out.

Coles, who are ditching single-use plastic bags from their stores from July 1, also won’t be letting customers bring in their own non-sterilised containers.

“It also makes it very difficult for us to do a thorough investigation if a customer becomes ill and we are unsure where the container used came from,” a Coles spokeswoman said.

Though not all supermarkets around the world have ruled out this idea. UK supermarket Morrisons announced that they would give their shoppers the option to have their raw meat and fish weighed at the counter and then placed into the shoppers’ own containers.

Luckily, there are some other options to transport your groceries now that plastic bags and plastic containers from home are out and they’re a lot more stylish than a lunch box from the back of your cupboard.

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