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Could you cut plastic out of your life?

Have you ever thought about how much plastic you really use?

By Holly Royce and Yours Staff
How much plastic do you use?
Try making a list of all the plastic you have used or purchased this week and it might surprise you. Eventually, all of this plastic will probably end up in the bin, eventually causing harm to our environment.
Following the recent news stories, as well as David Attenborough's plea to the human race to cut down on plastic, it seems people are beginning to listen and become more conscious of how much plastic they use. But, could you go plastic free?
More and more people are challenging themselves to go plastic free for one week, meaning they mustn't buy anything that contains plastic for one week only, which is surprisingly very tricky when you consider how much of your weekly shop is contained in plastic.
It is even thought that fish contain plastic micro particles, due to the amount of plastic polluting our oceans!
There are however some simple changes you can make to massively cut down on the plastic you use. Switch your plastic bag for life to a canvas one for a sturdier alternative to plastic. When it comes to your actual food, eggs are about the only thing that aren't packaged in plastic! Bread, meat and milk are mostly all packaged in plastic.
Currently, there aren't many ways to get around this. However, the government are in talks to create plastic free aisles in supermarkets where all the food will be packed in non-plastic packaging. It is presumed that meat would have to be contained in foil wrapping and bread in paper bags rather than plastic ones.
Why not challenge yourself to buying no plastic on your next food shop?
This story was originally published on Yours UK.