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Sarah Jessica Parker just launched a delicious new wine and here’s exactly where you can buy it

We couldn't help but wonder ... how many cases of this are we going to order?
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Let’s be real. Wherever Sarah Jessica Parker goes, we follow.

The 54-year-old style icon and former Sex and the City star has a well-established side hustle alongside her illustrious acting career – she has a very cute shoes brand called SJP Collection, several fragrances and a range of accessories.

But now the New Yorker has collaborated with a New Zealand brand to launch possibly her most exciting venture yet – a delicious new wine.

SJP has joined forces with New Zealand winery Invivo & Co to create a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc that will launch globally, including in Australia, this September.

Priced at $25, you’ll be able to get your hot little hands on this 750ml bottle of deliciousness, dubbed Invivo X, SJP, in BWS stores and online at

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Sarah Jessica Parker with her new Sauvignon Blanc wine.

(Credit: Supplied)

Invivo founders Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron travelled to New York City in May to finalise the exact blend.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration with Rob and Tim from Invivo,” Sarah Jessica Parker said in a statement.

“Every part of the process from our initial conversations discussing wine styles, to the creative process on the brand and label design and of course, the Sauvignon Blanc blending session; it’s all been one exciting step after another. And a thrilling education in the business of winemaking, but more importantly, the love and passion behind Invivo.

“While I’m new to winemaking, the Invivo fellows generously taught, showed and shared as much of the art and science of their business and hopefully I have absorbed some of their Kiwi confidence,” Sarah Jessica said.

“I’m so looking forward to releasing [the product] in September and sharing our wine with the world! I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity offered by Rob and Tim.”

The sav blanc will be available from BWS stories and at a from September.

(Credit: Supplied)

SJP hand-painted the label herself.

(Credit: Supplied)

The wine’s name has drawn inspiration from the actor’s signature sign-off, “X, SJ”, which she often uses on Instagram.

She is also responsible for the classic label, hand-painting the “X” using a blue paint she sourced to specifically match one of the shoes from her own collection.

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Invivo has also revealed that next year, SJP and the brand will launch a new rosé wine made in the south of France.

Until then, September can’t come soon enough!

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