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Super salmon recipe collection

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Salmon is one of the harder fishes to cook with, not so much cooking it but making it not taste the same every time you have it.

The meals can taste repetitive even if they aren’t the same delicious as most of us resort to pan-frying the fish with rice and veggies.

No need to fear! These salmon recipes might just save family dinner and will get your weekly fish intake in!

You should have at least two portions of fish per week including one of oily fish according to the Heart Foundation.

According to SafeBeat, eating Salmon specifically can improve brain health, cardiovascular health, repair damaged tissues and more!

So get to cooking with these amazing recipes:

Rob Shaw

Seared salmon with almond salad & labne

Sometimes salmon dishes can taste a bit repetitive, but this Greek-style dish is the perfect break between the usual salmon and salad.

Rob Shaw

Salmon & beetroot tart

The easiest and tastiest dish to make with salmon!

Rob Shaw

Pumpkin & potato rosti with salmon & soft eggs

Leftover eggs? Or pumpkin? Or potatoes? Well if you have all three, call yourself lucky! Or buy these ingredients to make this absolutely delicious salmon dish.

Rob Shaw

Miso-glazed salmon & daikon cucumber salad

This salmon dish definitely takes a little extra time, but it is completely worth it.

Rob Shaw

Spinach, feta & salmon parcels

This recipe is the perfect salmon dish. Whether it’s Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn, it’s a meal the whole family will love.

Rob Shaw

Crispy skin salmon with cabbage

This salmon dish is the perfect food prep dish or the meal you serve to impress guests. Take your pick!

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