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The best rice paper recipes!

From rice paper rolls to spring rolls.
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Rice paper can be tricky to work with but once you master it, it makes the best dishes!

We’ve compiled the best rice paper recipes to make for the family over the summer, they’re so good you’ll want them all to yourself.

Here’s how to prepare rice paper:

  1. Fill a wide, shallow dish with warm water. Soak 1 rice paper sheet in water for 15 secs or until just soft and pliable. Place on a clean work surface.

  2. Put desired filling on the bottom third of the wrapper, leaving about 3cm each side to enclose.

  3. To wrap, fold in sides, then roll firmly to enclose filling. Repeat with remaining sheets and filling, making one roll at a time.

  4. Cover with damp paper towel and plastic food wrap. Fresh rice paper rolls can be made a few hours in advance. Cover, then refrigerate until ready to eat.

Now that you’ve mastered the rice paper, try out some of these recipes!


Char Siu Pork Rice Paper Rolls

I mean it doesn’t get much better than pork rice paper rolls! This is by far the best recipe to have when you want Vietnamese pork. It’s easy and simple, a very low-maintenance meal.


Vietnamese Spring Rolls with rice paper

The easiest way to make pork spring rolls. Whether they are a side for family dinner, a snack for the kids’ lunches or just a snack for you, everyone will enjoy them!


Chicken & Mango Rice Paper Rolls recipe

Try this delicious summer twist on a chicken rice paper roll. A perfect lunchtime dish when it gets too hot!


Smoked Salmon Rice Paper Cones

The easiest rice paper recipe you can make, with little to no prep time, it’s the perfect snack!

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