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Lindt chocolate just gifted us its answer to Nutella – so prepare for your toast to be revolutionised

The best thing on sliced bread... since sliced bread.
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Make room in your pantries folks – the perfect condiment to sit proudly beside your Vegemite and peanut butter is coming in hot.

Yep, in a move that will no doubt thrill the masses, Lindt has provided us an answer to the cult breakfast staple Nutella with a decadent, drool-worthy and oh-so-luxurious chocolate hazelnut spread.

And yes, that is the sound of our toasters doing overtime to prep for this bad boy’s arrival.

Sign. Us. Up.


If you wanted to double check that the product is actually good, you don’t have to look much further than the viral response it got when it was launched in the UK last year.

Apparently, the spread sold out across major British supermarkets almost instantly. and given we’re talking about the kings of condiments here, we can pretty much take it for granted that we’re in for a treat.

Coming to a Coles supermarket near you on March 1, the famed chocolate company will first launch the hazelnut spread at $10 a pop.

Yes, a little pricey, but when you consider the happiness and joy it’ll no doubt bring your taste buds we reckon it’ll be worth it.

The chocolate connoisseurs will also be releasing their cocoa spread into supermarkets later in the year, so we may as well kiss our waistlines goodbye now – with no regrets of course.

While some Nutella purists might argue that nothing beats the OG chocolate spread, there is a lot to be said for Lindt’s quality.

Each of the glorious jars is made up of 25 per cent hazelnut, which is pretty darn decadent if you ask us.

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What’s more, the heightened hazelnut to chocolate ratio pretty much guarantee’s that this bad boy is going to be thick (and thicc, of course…).

So gird your bagels, crepes and literally any carb the world has to offer, because this is a spread that’s going to game-change your sugar cravings for keeps.

A final embellishment to this heavenly new spread aisle update?

No one, not a soul, will ever confuse the pronunciation of Hazelnut Spread. ‘New-tell-uh’ on the other hand…

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