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How to make fluffy Keto Pancakes and Keto waffles

Low-carb pancakes and waffles, who would have thought it!?!

By Holly Royce
The ketogenic diet is the latest low carb diet sweeping Hollywood and by proxy the rest of the world.
It involves sticking to an almost carb free diet, getting most of your calorie intake from fats and protein (more information on that below).
In that classic way the world works whenever there is a new diet there's a new pancake recipe - and this low carb diet is no pancake exception.
So, how is it possible to have a delicious, fluffy low carb pancake recipe, you ask?
Well, find out for yourself below.

Fluffy Keto Pancake recipe

How to make fluffy keto waffles


  1. Mix all wet ingredients together
  2. Add dry ingredients and mix very well
  3. Add more almond milk if you wish to thin out consistency
  4. Cook as per regular pancakes and waffles
Thanks to Try Keto With Me for the sensational recipe.

What is the ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic eating pattern is very low in carbohydrates and moderate in protein, meaning a high percentage of total energy (kilojoule) intake comes from fat.
As fat is the main source of energy being consumed, the body must then use this (that is, break it down) as its main energy source or 'fuel'. When dietary fat is metabolised for energy, by-products called ketone bodies (molecules that are made by the liver from fatty acids) are produced which are used up by the body's tissues, muscles and the brain. This process is known as ketosis.
The body can enter ketosis during times of severe energy restriction (such as during fasting or starvation) or prolonged intense exercise, or when carbohydrate intake is reduced to around 50g per day, or less – the equivalent of around two slices of bread, and a banana.
Short-term side effects of ketosis can include fatigue, bad breath, nausea, constipation and headaches.