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Duchess Camilla celebrated her birthday with the most extravagant cake we've ever seen

The Duchess of Cornwall doesn't do things by halves!

By Alex Lilly
When you're a member of the British royal family, you're bound to indulge in some pretty fancy dishes.
But on Wednesday for Duchess Camilla's 72nd birthday, the royal had quite possibly the most extravagant birthday cake we've ever seen. And it was all for a very special reason.
Despite her special day, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla are putting their royal duties first and are currently on a three-day tour of Cornwall and Devon.
Not only did the royal couple chat to members of the local community, but they also attended a 70th anniversary celebration of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act in Exmoor National Park.
However, we couldn't believe the enormous cake that the Duchess of Cornwall had the opportunity to cut.
That is one impressive cake! (Image: Getty Images)
Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla couldn't look more in love. (Image: Getty Images)
Despite being the one to cut it, the cake wasn't actually baked for Duchess Camilla. In fact, it was specially commissioned to reflect the landscapes of the UK's National Parks as part of the 'Big Picnic' celebration in honour of the UK's 15 National Parks.
Regardless, the wife of Prince Charles smiled warmly as the staff sang 'Happy Birthday' to her and Prince Charles gave her a sweet hug proving that the two are more in love than ever.
WATCH: Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla dance together. Post continues after video...
The Duchess of Cornwall also celebrated her 72nd birthday with some unlikely companions: donkeys!
The Donkey Sanctuary's 50th anniversary coincided with the Duchess' birthday and as a present, Camilla was asked to name the sanctuary's new foal and Duchess Camilla landed on a very sweet name, Sweetpea!
To make matters even cuter, Duchess Camilla will receive updates on the little donkey's progress as she grows up. Too cute!
Duchess Camilla's birthday present from the Donkey Sanctuary was to name their new foal. (Image: Getty Images)
This cake may not have been made for Camilla herself, but the Duchess of Cornwall proved this week that she's a dab hand in the kitchen.
Visiting Ginsters Bakery on Tuesday, the Duchess tried her hand at making the traditional, local pastry that is the Cornish pasty, but wowed everyone with her skills.
"It is a real skill that takes a while to get the knack of. It was amazing for her to give it a go," a local Michelin star chef revealed.
"It took me ages to learn how to do it properly so for her to do what she did, she did very well. It was better than my first go."
We wouldn't mind getting an invite to Clarence House for a dinner party with Charles and Camilla. (Image: Getty Images)

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