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Duchess Camilla and Princess Anne just had a completely unexpected twinning moment at Royal Ascot

Sisters-in-fashion, it seems.

By Jess Pullar
When it comes to the royals, a twinning moment is always a sight to behold.
Whether it's Kate channelling Diana, Meghan channelling Kate and basically the whole world channelling all three of them, there's something about royals taking style cues from each other that we just can't get enough of.
But in a moment that's taken us all by surprise, two unexpected royals have just shared a twinning moment at Royal Ascot, and it's quite possibly the most glamorous one yet.
As they both attended Day Two of Royal Ascot on Wednesday, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Anne, Princess Royal both stepped out in ensembles that drew our gaze immediately.
There was a certain accessory that both royals decided to don on the day that we couldn't ignore - and it's positively dripping in glamour.
Camilla added a very noticeable accessory to her races look. (Getty)
Spot the twinning moment - Princess Anne's pearl-layered necklace was rather reminiscent to Camilla's statement accessory! (Getty)
Yep, you guess it - pearl choker necklaces must definitely be in right now, because both Camilla and Anne can't get enough of them!
Camilla's stunning aqua diamond style was an absolute head turner, while Anne's beautifully classic piece oozed all kinds of glamour.
It's not often we see these two regal ladies twin, so all the more enamoured by this circumstance!
It's not often we see Camilla twin looks with other royals! (Getty)
What's more, Camilla's choice to wear the beautiful shade of blue on the second day of the event continued a rather special trend which became apparent as Ascot kicked off.
Indeed on Day One, no less than five different royals wore shades of blue, including Duchess Catherine, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice and even Queen Elizabeth herself.
Given royals rarely step out wearing the same colour, the circumstance came as a surprise to many.
Kate, Beatrice and the Queen were among the royals wearing beautiful shades of blue at Royal Ascot on Tuesday. (Getty)
Camilla has been making quite the impression with her fashion choices of late, stepping out in a glorious pink ensemble on Monday for the Order of the Garter service.
On Tuesday, Camilla wore another pink ensemble for Royal Ascot.
Obviously pastels are Camilla's hue of choice!
Camilla wore a stunning pink ensemble alongside international royals and Kate Middleton at Monday's Order of the Garter service. (Getty)
The very next day, Camilla stepped out in the same hue for Royal Ascot. (Getty)
Anne meanwhile has opted for a mixed colour palette so far this racing season.
On Day One of the festivities, she wore a pale yellow ensemble, which looked radiant on the otherwise drizzly day.
With so many glamorous outfits for us royal fashion fiends to pour over, we can safely say Royal Ascot is our favourite time of year - what a display it's providing!
Anne and Sophie of Wessex made a striking entrance for day one of Royal Ascot. (Getty)

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