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Duchess Camilla just tried her hand at baking, and the results were… surprising

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Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall aren’t ones to shy away from getting stuck into things at their various colourful engagements, and their most recent event is case in point.

While on her annual tour of Devon and Cornwall with husband Charles, Camilla stopped to try her hand at a rather, er, unexpected skill that we don’t usually see the royal family partake in.

While we’re sure royals are well acquainted with a plethora of delicate and diverse dishes being made available to them whenever they please, it seems they’re still quite happy to oblige in trying the art of cooking for themselves.

Camilla herself just proved she can absolutely cook her own grub thank you very much – as a brilliant new set of pictures reveal her having a good go at perfecting a tricky dish.

And we must say, we’re impressed!

“Really, that?!” – Camilla surveys the task at hand with hesitation.


Visiting Ginsters Bakery on Tuesday, the Duchess tried making a traditional Cornish pasty, the creation of which might be old hat to locals.

But if you’re not from the birthplace of the glorious pastry, it might be a tiny bit more difficult to execute the humble art.

Camilla definitely didn’t back herself to start with either.

Telling those nearby that she reckoned her attempt would create a “wibbly-wobbly pasty”, she nonetheless got stuck in by attempting to crimp some of the partly-made creations together.

Despite her misgivings, the Duchess gave it a red hot go!


Check out that handiwork!


Lo and behold, the Duchess absolutely nailed it, winning the praise of Michelin star chef who said: “It is a real skill that takes a while to get the knack of. It was amazing for her to give it a go.”

The Cornish-born foodie, who is the only local to be awarded a Michelin star reiterated just how hard the art of creating them can be, saying: “It took me ages to learn how to do it properly so for her to do what she did, she did very well. It was better than my first go.”

Go Camilla!

She well and truly earned herself a cheeky scoop of ice cream as a reward!


The Duchess’ cooking skills aren’t the only thing to dazzle royal watchers lately – her fashion sense is also going from strength to strength.

And her most recent tour has reiterated this further after she chose to accessorise her beautiful blue outfit with a very special handbag.

Notice anything special about this particular bag?


Yep, we have seen this bag before, only that time, it was being held by none other than royal style icon Meghan Markle, who owns her own version in moss green.

The DeMellier London bag, which retails for a cool AUD $522 is guaranteed to be a chic accessory to any outfit, and Camilla’s choice to don the bag like Meghan Markle certainly paid off in the fashion-stakes.

We can’t wait for more winning fashion moments from the stylish Duchess!

We want a bag like this of our own!

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