Aussie women are going wild for this $25 version of Meghan Markle’s polka dot dress

No royal budget necessary.
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In a world where the fashion agenda is dictated by members of the elite (we’re looking at you Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton) it can be tough to find the season’s most on-trend pieces without being faced with the confronting reality of breaking one’s entire bank.

Indeed achieving the level of wardrobe perfection that’s so often showcased to us via the celebrities on our news feeds, it’s easy to feel like staying on-trend can be a rather pricey feat.

But don’t lose hope, because hope can come even in the most unlikely of places – and the latest fashionable must-have piece is case in point.

Enter Kmart – an Aussie one-stop shop that has basically everything you could ever ask for when it comes to your home, lifestyle and wardrobe.

The fact that this humble destination dotted around many an Australian city is the place where bargains are born is not exactly new knowledge per se.

But boy are there some golden nuggets to be found within its walls.

The latest item that’s got Aussies in a tizz? Only this delightful polka-dot wrap dress.

Kmart’s Long Sleeve Wrap Dress in ‘rust spot’ has caught the attention of Aussies across the country. View it online here.


Coming in at only $25 – this style is simple and flattering on basically any body shape – and there’s bundles of proof.

Taking to popular Facebook group Kmart Mums Australia, one intrigued shopper begged the question: “Who has this dress? How are you styling it? I think I love it, but I’m not completely sure!”

We’re glad she asked, because within hours, she was flooded with responses from other avid fans of the style who shared their thoughts on it.

One happy customer wrote: “I love it. Looks much better on.”

Meanwhile, another said it was perfect as a maternity gown (the empire waist line is a favourable feat!), sharing that she had worn it to her baby shower.

Featuring an elastic waist and curved hem, the style is perfect for all shapes and sizes, and has even caught the eyes of some of Australia’s trendy fashion bloggers.

And even the aforementioned fashion elite are on board – none other than Meghan Markle has worn the style herself!

Indeed the ever-stylish royal was seen wearing a very similar polka-dot dress when she visited Australia in October 2018 as she stepped out in Queensland.

At the time, only a few images of the glorious dress were snapped of the royal, but it was enough for us to know that we wanted our own immediately.

Meghan’s short-sleeved polka-dot dress was designed by & Other Stories, only this one was worth over $100!

(Instagram / @herveybayecomarinetours)

And if Meghan wasn’t enough to convince you, another woman pointed out an additional style icon who’s rocked something similar. Taking to the Facebook group, she wrote: “I’ve got it too and have worn it with black wedges or boots – I call it my Pretty Woman dress with sleeves!!!”

She wasn’t wrong – Julia Roberts’ iconic performance was unforgettable not least for her impeccable wardrobe!

Polka dots are always in fashion.

(Touchstone Pictures)
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