Meghan and Kate who? These unsung royals are the ultimate fashion icons

They might be dripping in crown jewels, but these royals also know how to make a true style statement.

By Jess Pullar
If you're ever searching for a little extra style inspiration, look no further than the royal family.
For decades now, the influence of the royal elite has stretched far beyond the realms of politics and titles and seeped into our fashion choices.
There's no denying it - Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have a presence in the fashion world that can only be described as game-changing.
Just looking at their favourite designers' sales history is evidence enough: A resounding surge in popularity, sell-out items and multiple site crashes due to overwhelming traffic is the norm.
But there's another batch of royals who aren't quite as well known internationally as Meghan and Kate, but are arguably among the best dressed in the world.
Enter Queen Letizia of Spain, Princess Sofia of Sweden, and even Prince Michael of Kent (because's what's a royal family without a silver fox?).
While admittedly these royals don't get half as much of the attention Kate and Meghan get each time they step out in public, their outfits well and truly deserve as much.
That's why we've decided to celebrate them (and their blessed gene pools) in all their fashionable, flawless glory.
Keep scrolling as we pin-point all the royals who are low-key fashion icons, you can thank us for the eye-gasm later.
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