Kate Middleton’s new favourite boots are about to become the trendiest accessory of winter

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One might think of winter as a cruel, cold and all-encompassing fate to berate us every year.

But not for fashion enthusiasts! Only one thing comes to mind when it comes to winter – our wardrobe – and boy are we excited to start filling it with possibilities.

Enter the humble turtleneck, chunky knits and the ever chic Meghan Markle-inspired low bun – because how else can you keep your freshly straightened hair in check when it’s pouring buckets outside?

But above all the wintry accessories to grace our wardrobes this season, it’s the footwear we’re really excited about – and the styles worn by our favourite royals are all the visual inspiration we need.

Kate is setting the precedent for winter trends this season. (Image: Getty)

So what is the boot style of the season you ask?

Well, both Meghan and Kate have just decided that one for us – lace ups.

Think Doc Martins gone cocktail chic, think hiking – but down the Oxford Street shops, think simple, yet sophisticated.

And while the style isn’t anything new, per se, it’s certainly making a strong statement over in the Northern Hemisphere during the throes of winter.

But now, it’s our turn Down Under, and you can bet we’ll be peeling our eyes for laces as we storm the stores.

Kate’s favourite black lace-ups are courtesy of British designer L.K. Bennett. (Image: Getty)

Meghan’s Stuart Weitzman boots are also bang on trend this winter. (Images: Getty)

So where to get your hands on a pair of these puppies? Lucky for us, we’ve got a plethora of options as winter roles in.

Keep scrolling for the best lace-up styles on the Aussie market this season.

Suede style

A tried and tested favourite, suede is a winner in our eyes, and in Kate and Meghan’s too!

The pair both seem to have a penchant for the texture, often being spotted wearing a suede boot in both black and olive.

See our top picks below:

Shiloh Black Suede Lace Up boots, available from Wittner, $100. (Image: Wittner)

Mollini Esking boot, available from Style Tread, $109.97. (Image: Style Tread)

Patent style

If your style is a little on the edgier side, a patent leather is the perfect lace-up option to take your winter look to the next level.

On the flip side, if you’re a little more conservative with your clothing choices, a patent leather boot will add that extra bit of edge, without going over the top.

Paired with natural, matte textures like wool and cotton, a patent leather boot will perfectly juxtapose with a chunky knit or shirt.

See our top picks below:

ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Elm boots, available from Asos, $80. (Image: Asos)

TOPSHOP Brazil lace up boots, available from The Iconic, $84.95. (Image: The Iconic)

A pop of colour

While it’s easy to get enveloped in the all-black vortex – especially during the winter months – there’s nothing better than adding a pop of colour to your outfit to brighten things up a little.

Whether it’s a Meghan Markle-inspired olive or a pastel pink – there’s a myriad of colours that you can pick to your taste.

In saying that, if you’re looking for a wardrobe staple to wear with anything, we recommend sticking to soft, neutral tones.

See our top picks below:

Mi Piaci Dax Biker Boot, available from Mi Piaci, $320.

Mollini Bettes Dk boot, available from Style Tread, $249.95. (Image: Style Tread)

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