This season’s statement skirt will flatter EVERY body shape – here’s how

Flow your way through the heat wave, one midi skirt at a time.
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High summer can feel a little less than glamorous – we’re battling to sleep in the heat, sweating profusely no matter what time of day it is and don’t even get us started on the humid conditions frizzing our hair to oblivion.

But here to put a little spring back into our step is this season’s statement fashion trend – the midi skirt.

While the style itself is nothing new, you might have noticed it has been given a shiny new revival this year, with the classic midi currently taking the streets (and our Instagram feeds) by storm.

Even Duchess Meghan has embraced the style! (Image: Instagram)

There are plenty of pros if you’re looking at investing in a midi skirt to see out the end of summer – it’s flattering, can be dressed up or down, and perhaps most importantly, it’ll keep you cool.

But the very best part is that this style looks good on any body shape – curvy, straight, athletic, et all.

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There are a myriad of ways to wear the skirt, and for once, you don’t have to break the bank to look like you’re bang on trend.

Keep scrolling as we look at the most flattering ways you can wear the wardrobe staple of the season.

1. Casual with a t-shirt

This style is form flattering on basically every single body type.

Simply pair your midi with a plain t-shirt (white usually works best – especially if the skirt has a print).

While this style can be worn super casually with a flat pair of slides, you can also dress it up for the evening by pairing it with a heel.

As for your head? A slick bun with a pair of sunnies will ooze chic.

A plain white tee goes down a treat with a printed midi-skirt. (Image: The Iconic)

Simple, yet chic! (Image: The Iconic)

2. Dressed up with a cami

While a plain tee can still look ultra chic with a midi skirt, dressing it up with a spaghetti strap top or cami will step it up with a classy evening vibe.

When it comes to colour, we suggest going for a neutral tones on top if you’ve got a bold-hued or silky skirt – the texture and tone will do all the talking!

If you’re curvier, look for a top that’s fitted at the waist and long enough to tuck in. In addition, aim for a neckline that’s not too low cut.

If you’re straight and narrow, a looser fitting top will look comfortable and stylish with a slinky skirt.

A spaghetti strap top takes the silk skirt style from day to night. (Image: Instagram / @kohwoman)

Pair it with some heels and jewellery for a chic night-out look. (Image: Glassons)

3. Prints for days

There’s no denying leopard print has made a strong comeback since its 1980s hey-day, and midi skirts are proving the ultimate (and chic) home for it.

From the traditional beige and black palette to burnt orange and white, these slinky skirts will make bold a statement on their own, no matter what you pair it with.

Plus, these prints are super flattering on all body types. If you’re self concious about your legs, ensure you go for a style that’s slightly more fitted at the top – it’ll accentuate your curves in the best way possible.

Hello leopard print! Keep your top and shoes simple – this skirt will do all the talking. (Image: Instagram / @kohwoman)

There are a plethora of patterns and prints to choose from! (Image: Instagram / @candicehuffine)

4. The free-flowing maxi

Think Florence & The Machine swaying on stage, think running through sunflower-lined fields, think flowy and free – this style is the ultimate summertime comfort that looks amazing and feels even better.

Given this style tends to have more surface area when it comes to fabric, we recommend opting for a monochrome palette that’s easy on the eye.

As for the top half, this style looks great with a fitted top or tee given the volume of the skirt.

Coming in a range of fabrics, colours and textures (pleats anyone?) – this style has YOU written all over it.

When it comes to the free-flowing maxi, opt for a monochrome look that’ll pop. (Image: Instagram / @sofiebjerregaard_)

We’re obsessed with this green ensemble! (Image: Instagram / @daniellevanier)

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