Queen of the High Street steal: Kate Middleton’s best affordable outfits

Spoiler: There's a lot of Zara.
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Kate Middleton is one of the world’s most coveted style icons.

Each time the royal steps out in public, you can guarantee whatever fashionable ensemble she’s put together will be frantically researched, sourced, and recreated – within minutes.

There is of course, one teeny tiny catch however: A royal wardrobe doesn’t come cheap.

With a multitude of black tie events, A-list soirees and red carpets galore, Kate’s always expected to look her very best.

That’s why we can hardly blame her for picking from the world’s most well known (and rather expensive) designer labels for each occasion.

But as if we needed any more of a reason to love her, Kate has proved time and time again that she can go against the grain when it comes to her clothes – and it only means good news for the admirable budget-strict folk of the world.

Over the years, the Duchess of Cambridge has been known to incorporate a High Street label here and there across her drool-worthy wardrobe.

And the best part? You wouldn’t even know that her $700 skirt is paired with a $50 top.

Yep, proving she’s a true style Queen, Kate’s a gun at adding a cheeky bargain buy to her ensemble without us even knowing – so in reality, it’s not that difficult to recreate some of her heavenly looks when you’re on a budget.

Keep scrolling as we take a look at some of her best affordable outfits. From Zara to Topshop, Kate’s nailed the cheap, yet chic memo like no other.

WATCH: A young girl is fascinated by Kate’s perfect blowout – we can relate! Gallery begins below…

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Zara dress – leaving for honeymoon in 2011 AUD$133

Kicking off married life in the best way possible, Kate was pictured wearing a beautiful blue Zara dress worth AUD $133 as she and Wills departed the Palace for their honeymoon in 2011.


TopShop Child Bereavement UK 2013 AUD$96

In March 2013, pregnant Kate’s baby bump was just beginning to show in this AUD $96 Topshop dress as she and Wills visited a Child Bereavement centre.


Top Shop Warner bros 2013 AUD$112

Later that year, a now-heavily-pregnant Kate wore this spotted AUD $112 Topshop dress to a tour of the Warner Bros. studios.


Zara blouse Ring of Fire ultra marathon race 2013 AUD$87

During a Ring of Fire ultra marathon race even that same year, the new mum opted for a Zara blouse worth a cheeky AUD $87.


Seraphine dress GREAT reception 2014 in NYC AUD$87

In 2014, Kate wore a chic AUD $87 Seraphine dress during a reception in New York City.


Gap blouse AUD$81 winery New Zealand 2014

While touring New Zealand in 2014, the royal opted for a checkered Gap blouse worth a blissful AUD $81. We’d be cheers-ing to that bargain too!


ASOS Brookhill Children’s Centre in 2015 AUD$78

Pregnant with second child Princess Charlotte in 2015, Kate opted for a beautiful maternity ASOS dress worth AUD $78 as she visited a Children’s Centre.


Topshop dress – India tour 2016 AUD$140

During a tour of India in 2016, Kate wore a pretty smock dress from Topshop, worth AUD $140.


Zara Royal Windsor Horse Show 2016 $146

You’d never have guessed this beautiful red coat was actually a Zara steal. Kate wore the $146 garment to the Royal Windsor Horse Show in 2016.


Gap pants – Eden Project in Cornwall 2016 AUD$44

In one of our favourite cheap and chic royal looks, Kate wore these bright printed Gap pants for a rainy day appearance in Cornwall in 2016 – they’re worth a mere AUD $44!


Zara blazer – Victoria Canada tour 2016 AUD$191

During a tour of Canada that same year, Kate added this chic Zara blazer to finish her smart-casual ensemble. Costing AUD $191, it was worth every penny!


Zara jeans AUD$74 – Farms for City Children 2017

Stepping out at a local farm in 2017, the Duchess opted for a trusty pair of Zara jeans, which cost AUD $74. Excuse us as we rush to buy our own pair.


Zara Dress – 2018 polo AUD$103

Zara is known for its chic, yet practical designs, and Kate well and truly proved the feat in 2018 when she wore one of the brand’s AUD $103 summer dresses to the polo.


Zara headband Royal Albert hall 2019 AUD$33

In a thrilling moment for her fashion-forward fans, Kate wore a gorgeous glittering headband to the Royal Albert Hall in 2019 – and they were floored to learn it was in fact a bargain buy from Zara. The regally chic headpiece costs AUD $33!


Zara skirt Cardiff 2020 AUD20

Visiting Cardiff in early 2020, the Duchess pulled off yet another Zara win after wearing this chic leopard print midi skirt, which costs $20. Steal!


Zara dress, Bradford city hall 2020 AUD$173

During an engagement at Bradford city hall in 2020, Kate’s checkered Zara dress captured our attention in its own right, but when we found out it retailed for AUD $173, we were even more obsessed.


Zara dress Mumbles Wales visit 2020

Chic as ever, the mum-of-three opted for a stylish Zara red dress while visiting Wales in February 2020. Accessorising with a simple black belt, Kate proved you can look a million bucks without a million bucks any day!

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